Pet Names--What Do You Call Your Partner?

babeIt is a four-letter word that I like to use. In fact, I use it a lot. My friends have taken bets on how many times that four-letter combo will leave my mouth on a given night. If you are a gambling person here is a hint: play the over. It is something I am likely to say way more than you would expect.

Is it the “f-word”? No, not that, though I do occasionally mumble it under my breath when I knock over a glass of wine. Not the “s-word” either, but I sometimes have to bite my tongue to keep from screaming it out when I knock over a second glass of wine. And there are certain other 4-letter curse words that I don’t think I have ever used, even though they are becoming more and more common in movie theaters and home theaters alike.

No, my four-letter favorite is a little more “G” rated, a little more family-friendly–and that is how I use it. And how Barb does, too. As our friends know  and laugh at, it is our incessant habit of calling each other “Babe.” Not dear, not sweetie, not honey. It was, is, and always will be Babe.

How did we get there? I don’t have a clue. Is it a corruption of “Barb”? Unlikely, though not impossible. Was Sonny &  Cher’s “I Got You Babe” the inspiration? I don’t think so–though Barb and I do a great rendition of the song.

Was there a particular movie or TV character from whom we picked up “Babe”? Not that I can remember. Of course, “Babe” was a squealingly delightful 1995 film about Babe the Pig, but I would hardly name my wife after a pig. And our habit goes back before 1995. There is no video of our 1978 wedding, but I am quite confident I dropped a few “B-bombs” in my speech way back then.

I think I have added a few other terms of endearment to my vocabulary. Laury tends to get a “honey” now and then. The grandkids are “sweethearts.” The kitten is…well there are lots of nice things we call the kittens. But “Babe” is on reserve. I start my texts to Barb that way and may even find a way to get it written into our new wills. And could there be a better epitaph than “I Married Babe.”?

So now it is your turn. What do you call your partner? And why? The best answer gets a free subscription. Though as Babe would remind me, subscriptions are always free (see below.) Ciao for now!

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