I'm Anne U Phylaxis. Did I Shock You?

Me after a rough night out!

Me after a rough night out!

Hi there!

The dude who normally writes the blogs here is a friend of mine (long story) and he said I could write/vent in his place every once in a while. He made it clear it wouldn’t be too often unless you all just LUV me. It could happen, right?

A little about moi. First of all, yes, Anne U. Phylaxis is my real name. The “U” is pronounced UH. Do you think my parents, Paul and Margaret Phylaxis, were smoking some pre-legal weed (or maybe tripping on something a little stronger) when they gave me that tag? They tried to be more sensible with my younger brother, but it didn’t save him.  Pops and Margie named him Robert, but everyone calls him Pro anyway. If you can’t figure out why I can’t conceive why you would read this blog. Get it?

I’m a 37-year-old city girl. Yes, the city is Chicago, but I’m not telling what part. A woman has to have her secrets. And yes, I am all woman. I know there is a drag queen with a similar name, but I am not him, or her, or whatever. Nothing fluid about my gender, just my relationships. I don’t think I will write about those here. By the time I got around to write about any particular pairing, it would probably be over. And old news is just old news. Last week I read a Facebook entry (yeah, I still use Facebook–lame) from an old dude ripping his ex-wife from 20 years ago. Let it rest man.

For the most part, I am woke or woken or just damn awake. I’ve got no problems with most people, except those who disagree with me in a  nasty way. I have ink, but you’ll never see it–at least not here. Margie took me to a department store to get my ears pierced when I was little, maybe the usual master of this blog did the deed. No other unnaturally created holes. I have an aversion to needles: piercing or injecting.  However, I am not an anti-vaxer. Talk about STOOPID!

So what am I going to write about? Things that bother me. Things I want to get off of my chest. Rants about the Philander-in-Chief until he is gone. Rants about the Dumbocrats until they can figure out how to get rid of him. Rants about bad movies and stupid social memes. It’s not gonna be a lovefest–no Woodstock Nation. But I am going to do my best to save the world, one occasional post at a time.

So if you want to hear more from me, add a comment here either at ChicagoNow or on Facebook. And share this post.

Or send me a note at anne.u.phylaxis@columnist.com. I’ll be waiting. And so will the good doctor.


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photo credit: cszar Say Aah via photopin (license)

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