This Loud Chick give Hillary a Kick

Two chicks with something to say.

Two chicks with something to say.

Hey kids, I’m back again. Enough of you like me so that the Master of this Domain has invited me back for another blurb. And, as a great lady once (many times?) said, “Can we talk?”

Hillary Clinton. I supported her. I marched for her. I voted for her. I thought I knew her. And then in her most important interview in years she sabotages me. Me, and you, and all of us who are sick of this “man of his word” Donald Trump.

Hillary, you say you don’t like Bernie Sanders. You say nobody likes Bernie Sanders. Maybe you think you lost the last election because of him (doubtful.) Fine, that is your opinion. Don’t you know that now is the time to keep it to yourself?

I’m sure not a Bernie Bro, or a Bernie Sis (is there such a thing?) but would support him if he were the Democratic candidate for President. But no one cares what I say. You, on the other hand, have national recognition and a national voice.  Why use it now in any way that can hurt a potential Trump slayer? Are you looking for a brokered convention where your name could suddenly reappear? Geez, I sure hope not.

I know on the debate stage, the survivors take shots at each other. But once they leave the island (Harris, O’Rourke, Castro, et al.) have been keeping their mouth’s shut. Cruz and Rubio mastered the art in 2016. Why did you blow it four years later?

I know you have back-tracked and tweeted you would support any candidate against the Trumpster. Good for you, Madame Secretary. Get with the act, and maybe this time the Democrats can beat “the basket of deplorables.” And then I won’t care what you say about Bernie or President Amy or President Elizabeth.

Regular readers: If you miss Les, I am sure he will be back soon.

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