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Marzipan Brought Back My Memories--What Brings Back Yours?

The break-room table in the lab has been filled with tantalizing goodies since the beginning of the month, and I have succumbed to a nibble on more than one afternoon when my energy was ebbing and the pile of prostate biopsies seemed to be growing faster than Pinocchio’s nose at a Trump rally. Today I passed... Read more »

Goodbye to a Fellow Pathologist, and to Mary Dixon Too.

Pathologists don’t retire easily. We tend to age gracefully in place. We may need to adjust our seat height at the microscope to compensate for our compressing spinal columns and it may be a little harder to turn the focusing knobs on those ‘scopes as osteoarthritic changes afflict our joints. But we hang in there,... Read more »

My TV Top Ten. What is Yours?

Barb and I were almost home the other night when a familiar tune came on the car radio. “In my opinion, that’s the BEST TV SHOW EVER,” I said. And that got me thinking. What were my favorite TV shows of all time? So here, from #10 to #1 is my list. The only rule... Read more »

My Night with Abbey Road

“Alexa, play Abbey Road.” Yes, the album cover is famous, it’s iconic, it is whatever you want to call it. Jesus-like John Lennon, barefoot (dead?) Paul, and George and Ringo too. How many of your friends and neighbors have used a picture of their family at a crosswalk for their Facebook cover photo or an... Read more »

What's Your Sign? Mine is Frango!

What’s your sign? No. I’m not talking horoscope here. I only think about those signs when I am trying to come up with a ten-letter word for “Fire Sign” on the Sunday Crossword Puzzle. What is the first sign for you that the holiday season is upon us? Forget about Thanksgiving. That’s an occasion all... Read more »