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Billy Joel's The Stranger, the Next Album On My Favorites List

It has been a while but now it is time to add to my Favorite Album List. How many of my colleagues remember this one? Sometimes a bad song introduces the world to a great artist and a banner album. Not often, but it happens. As an example Boomers, let’s go back to 1977. Billy Joel’s ... Read more »

Forget the Super Bowl--It's "The Primary Shuffle"

In honor of tonight’s upcoming debate, it’s THE PRIMARY SHUFFLE We are the Dems Primary Crew We’re all here, with thoughts for you We run in Iowa, we run in New Hampshire We’re trying to show our presidential stature There’s a dozen of us, or maybe more Remembering our names is a statistician’s chore We don’t... Read more »

OK Boomer--Remember These?

“Can Barb make Grandma’s special pound cake?” The request was from my nephew Brad, asking that Barb prepare a dessert for a family gathering. It was a cake that my mom used to make for similar occasions, a Sara Lee Pound Cake cut into 3 layers, with a raspberry sauce between the layers and chocolate frosting... Read more »

A Trump - Biden Solution. You Can Both Be Heroes

Hey, Joe! How about taking one for the team? You, know, be like the guy who fakes an injury and goes on the Disabled List* so the rookie phenom can be brought up from Double-A ball. I’m not asking you to pretend to tear a rotator cuff or have a phony stroke to match Bernie’s real one.... Read more »

He May Be and A**hole, But He's Our A**hole

A few years ago, Barb and I were at the funeral of a senior member of a family we have known for many years. The service in the chapel was well attended, and the mood appropriately somber. Members of several generations succeeded each other at the lectern, each speaking in glowing terms of their grandpa... Read more »