He May Be and A**hole, But He's Our A**hole

chicagonowA few years ago, Barb and I were at the funeral of a senior member of a family we have known for many years. The service in the chapel was well attended, and the mood appropriately somber. Members of several generations succeeded each other at the lectern, each speaking in glowing terms of their grandpa or uncle or cousin. But buried in each eulogy was a kernel of a hidden truth. Their grandpa or uncle or cousin had done and said things that really weren’t that nice, that didn’t really jive with the image of the kindly old gentleman who had been a loving, hugging, role model. The orators’ love for the old man was real, but what they were really saying was “he was an a**hole but he was our a**hole, and we loved him.”

Sound familiar? Remind anyone of a man who lies, cheats, uses, denigrates and knows no limits, but is loved, not just by his family, but by millions? Because (they think) he is theirs? After all, he gives them things. Things like significant tax breaks (for a minuscule portion of his supporters,) fame (if you are cable news talking head,) and satisfaction (if sticking it to the coastal –and Chicago– liberal elites bring you satisfaction.) And he brings judges. He is giving you and me lots of judges. A legacy that will long outlive his potentially short reign.

But let’s be real. President Donald Trump doesn’t belong to the people, or the party, or the Congressfolk who support him. He sure doesn’t belong to Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy (nor should he.) All are just the tools for him to use at will. As Bill Taylor, the acting US ambassador to Ukraine reported during his testimony yesterday, Trump cared more about framing Joe Biden then helping the Ukrainian people.

Yet his hordes still love him. And if you love someone, you defend them and ignore their faults. You set-up “straw man” arguments, you create a lot of “what about Hillary?” scenarios, and you dive into “global climate change is a Chinese hoax” schemes while the seas rise and the polar vortices rage.

But you know what? He may be your a**hole, but that doesn’t make him mine. The Senate won’t remove him from office by an impeachment trial, we all know that. And in a year he has plenty of time to upset a lot more applecarts and allies. But fellow never-Trumpers, of any and all political stripes, let’s nominate someone wise, someone with breadth and courage, someone to lead. Someone who is nobody’s a**hole. Amen.

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