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My Advice to the Advice Columnist: A Smile Is Just A Frown Turned Upside Down, My Friend

I don’t want to pick on anyone. I have no animus towards Amy Dickinson who writes the Ask Amy advice column that appears in the Chicago Tribune, the (much older) sister of ChicagoNow, the home of this blog. But one letter in Wednesday’s column, and particularly Amy’s response, left me scratching my head and wondering if... Read more »

Quantum Microbiology--Things Get Interesting When They Get Small

Everything is getting smaller. Google has announced that it has created a quantum computer, the Holy Grail of techies. While the computer itself is a massive energy suck, the computational power is lodged in subatomic particles. I don’t understand the science, but I know those subatomic particles must be pretty, pretty, pretty small. In the... Read more »

Why October 24th Is My Special Personal Memory

Don’t certain dates stand out in your mind? Of course, there are personal dates like your wedding day or the birth of a child that you will never forget. But I am referring to those dates that are outside of your own life but have an impact on you none the less. For the Greatest Generation,... Read more »

Another Rainy Day in New York City

It may have been raining, but it couldn’t stop our good times. Barb and I spent Saturday and Sunday on our annual New York City Theater Trip. A quickly booked replacement for our canceled Yellowstone National Park adventure, we swapped Old Faithful for Times Square, and wildlife sightings for wonderful people watching. Ever since Laury lived... Read more »

Oops!... I Did It Again. Another Bad Health Choice?

The CNN headline reads “a surprising consequence to losing weight later in life.” And guess what? The consequences aren’t good ones. So here I go again, finding out my latest health care choice might not be the best one for me overall. As I have related, my creeping weight gain and rising blood sugar led me to transform... Read more »

A Million Reasons to be Married to a Therapist

It woke me up from my sleep. Something wasn’t right with my left leg. The pain was of an intensity that I don’t believe I had ever felt before. Sure, I have suffered from muscle cramps before and they can be pretty painful. Twist the wrong way and some muscle group or another goes into... Read more »

I Finished My Marathon, Doing it My Way

Are you looking forward to the Chicago Marathon on Sunday? I know it is a long way to run and it is going to be cold and windy. I know that I will not be there. I admire the people who can do it–friends who have run so many marathons their hips are crumbling, Oprah... Read more »

Monty Python and the Whistleblower. Say No more!

A third whistleblower has been found! His account of the infamous phone call is somewhat different than previous accounts!     Presidents Trump and Zelensky on the phone: Trump: Can you investigate Biden? Know what I mean? Know what I mean? No quid pro quo. No quid pro quo. Know what I mean? Say no... Read more »

Foodie Follies. A Rhyme to Display What Is Healthy Today

The world is such a funny place When figuring out your diet. You want to be in a healthy space If it’s “good for you” you try it. Health news breaks nearly every day The scientists get behind it. And then tomorrow comes our way Saying yesterday’s theory? Don’t buy it! For years we heard about red meat Were... Read more »