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Alexa, Phish, and the Angry Earworm

You know what an earworm is. It’s that tune, that lyric, that harmony that runs through your mind, over and over and over again. I have been accused of manufacturing earworms. I used to start each blog with a lyric or two from a popular song. Then one of my associates complained that after reading... Read more »

An Open Letter to the Leaders of My Party

To the Leaders and Presidential Candidates of the Democratic Party: I have faithfully voted for every one of your Presidential Candidates from Georgia’s Jimmy Carter to Arkansas’ Hillary Clinton. I have one message for you. Taxes, debt, and the growth curve are important, but they are not all that matters. Russia, North Korea, and Iran... Read more »

Bernard Arnault, Louis Vuitton, and Me

The results are in and there is a significant change near the top. According to Forbes, while Jeff Bezos is still the richest person in the world ($124 BILLION) someone has passed Bill Gates ($102.9 BILLION) for the #2 spot. The second richest person in the world isn’t another technology baron or royalty of any... Read more »

Monday Hyundai. Is This How the Week Will Go?

I know it’s Monday, but still… I bought my last car in Naperville. That’s a long way from home, but only about a 20-minute drive from the lab. Even that drive can get extended during rush hour. So it is a nice feature that as long as I schedule my routine service far enough in... Read more »

Neil Diamond on Broadway. Will We See You There?

Yes, there will be Neil in New York City. But he won’t be there himself. He won’t follow Bruce’s footsteps and perform a long run of concerts in a Broadway theater. And he won’t be doing a regular gig at Madison Square Garden ala Billy Joel. But just as Jersey Boys celebrates the Four Seasons and Beautiful illuminates the wonderous... Read more »