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Did a Vegetarian Diet Cure a Prostate Cancer? I Need More Evidence.

“I went on a vegetarian diet and my prostate cancer is gone!” That was the Facebook post in a prostate cancer support group I occasionally follow. My immediate thought? Sorry, but I disagree with you. Based on the evidence you posted with that click-baity headline, I don’t think there has been a miracle cure. You... Read more »

Cryptocurrency Is Just the Beginning! Facebook's 10 Year Plan Revealed Here.

The word is out. Facebook, the King of All Social Media, is getting ready to create its own currency. In association with a crop of financial institutions, Mr. Z and company will generate Libra, a new digital monetary system. I admit I don’t understand the whole Bitcoin-blockchain-cryptocurrency thing. All I know is that someday we... Read more »

A Two-Year Old Anti-Trump Blog Was My Most Popular Ever. What Else was in the Top Ten?

This month marks four years of my online blogging. What started as “Downsize, Maybe,” a chronicle of Barb and I building our empty-nester home, morphed and metamorphosized in ‘Getting More from Les,” —  topically diffuse, told with different voices, but always with the goal of having at least one reader say “yeah, I get that.” With... Read more »

Kids Please Don't Give Me a Massage For Father's Day

Father’s Day is just a few days away. Barb and I are busy planning our annual family celebration. The guest list is set, though we will be missing our niece and nephew who just this week gave birth to the newest family member, a beautiful girl named after my late sister.  Some other family will... Read more »

Hey, James Holzhauer. I Lost On Jeopardy Too!

James Holzhauer, a Chicago area native has lost on Jeopardy! Emma Boettcher, a University of Chicago librarian has defeated him. And when I was on the show (1988) I name-checked Eugene Finerman, a previous Tournament of Champions player, who had lived down the street from me in Rogers Park in our school years. No surprise,... Read more »

President Trump Said He Could Shoot Someone on 5th Avenue. Is This What Would Happen If He Did?

Announcer Dennis Haysbert: Welcome to a special Monday edition of Meet the Press. Moderator Chuck Todd: Well, he has finally done it. Much as he said he could, on Saturday morning President Donald Trump stood in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shot somebody. What does Washington think of this bold display of power? Is the President right that... Read more »