Cryptocurrency Is Just the Beginning! Facebook's 10 Year Plan Revealed Here.

atlasThe word is out. Facebook, the King of All Social Media, is getting ready to create its own currency. In association with a crop of financial institutions, Mr. Z and company will generate Libra, a new digital monetary system. I admit I don’t understand the whole Bitcoin-blockchain-cryptocurrency thing. All I know is that someday we won’t use much real cash – heck, I hardly use any now. But I’m not surprised that the Facebook boys have it all figured out. There will probably be pushback from some governments or watchdog groups but no worries. In a year or two, your Libras will be as good as gold.

And that’s just this year’s plan. Using my secret contacts within Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, CA I have been able to dig up the projects that make up Facebook’s Ten Year Plan. By 2029 Facebook plans to be doing a lot! A brief look:

2019: Libra – Facebook creates cryptocurrency.
2020: Hydra – Facebook to provides global desalinization of the world’s oceans.
2021: Taurus – Facebook to take total control of the world’s meat industry.
2022: Virgo – Facebook to dominate world-wide population planning.
2023: Goooooal! – Facebook to own every professional sports franchise in the world.
2024: Cyclops – Facebook to become the world’s sole of visual entertainment.
2025: Gaggle – Facebook to drive Google, its one remaining competitor, into bankruptcy.
2026: Justice -The Facebook users agreement to replace the US Constitution as the cornerstone of American democracy.
2027: Gargoyle -Facebook to get really scary. I am unable to obtain further information on this one.
2028: Aries – Facebook to declare war on any countries not already under its control.
2029: Atlas– Mr. Zuckerberg proclaims himself King Of the World. No one complains.

Can they do it in 10 years? It won’t be easy but if not Facebook, then who?

Oh, if I happen to disappear, maybe they didn’t like my giving away their plans…

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