Wine Times. I Don't Fit the Profile. Do You?

wineThrow Back Thursday Moment: Barb and I on the Deluxe Tour of the Gallo Winery in Modesto, California. Early 1980’s. A large gentleman wearing a cowboy hat and bolo tie, speaking with a slow, deep, West Texas drawl says to the guide “I know what rayd whin is, and I know what whayt whin is, but what the heck is that rosay stuff, darlin’?”

The latest poll to capture our imagination is out. And no, it is not whether to impeach or not to impeach. The poll asks if you prefer red or white. And it is all about wine. Coravin, the people behind the Coravin Wine Preservation System, sponsored a survey of 2000 wine drinkers to determine their preferences in wine, and in other things as well. Red and white wine drinkers seemed to be pretty different!

I looked at the poll results and tried to figure out where I fit in. First of all, I am strictly a white wine drinker. I know that makes me less sophisticated than red wine aficionados, but there it is. Along with Barb, I have matured from overly sweet types like rieslings to dryer Sauvignon Blancs, preferably from New Zealand, but I have never crossed over into reds. So I was curious to see if I shared a lifestyle with Coravin’s bunch of white wine drinkers.

Not so much. According to the poll, white wine drinkers are:

  • Night owls, while red wine drinkers are early risers: No white wine points for me here. I am the Benjamin Franklin type. “Early to bed, early to rise,,,,,”
  • Extroverts, not introverts like cabernet imbibers: Another place I fail to match the white wine profile. At a party, I am more likely to be nursing my wine glass in the corner of the room rather than being the center of attention, telling stories and chatting up a storm.
  • A cat fan, instead of a dog lover: OK, this one fits me. If I were female I might turn into one of those crazy cat ladies, though now I settle for one cat at a time.
  • A picker of punk music over jazz: I can listen to the Clash and the Ramones without wincing. But I also like the jazzier side of Steely Dan. So sign me up for punk or jazz, as long as a little rock’n’roll is thrown in to make me feel at home.
  • Curious, sarcastic and perfectionist, while red fellows are adventurous, humble and organized: Here I humbly believe I follow the red wine profile more closely than the white. After all, I would never be sarcastic.

I don’t really fit either profile. I guess I am best described as an outlier. Despite my definite white wine preference, my personality and my habits fit somewhere in the middle. I guess my old Texan buddy can just call me a rosé. And pass the Sauvignon Blanc.



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