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Lustig, Lustig, Can Be Trusted-Great Guys and Gals at a Great Jeweler

If the ring fits, wear it. On the other hand, if the ring doesn’t fit, NO amount of hand lotion or elbow grease is going to get it on or off your finger. As I have written before, that was the situation with my current wedding, a beautiful gold and platinum affair Barb had picked... Read more »

What Your Man's Shaving Style Says About Your Relationship. Don't Miss The Warnings!

special report from the editors of LadyLove Magazine Your man stands at the bathroom mirror, razor in his hand, considering his face. He begins a ritual that goes back to his teens, a ritual that men have embraced for tens of thousands of years. How to get rid of that grizzly morning fuzz, and transform... Read more »

Ten Things To Look For In A Candidate-See Why They Are Redacted.

Hello Chicagoland. Did you know the Illinois 2020 Presidential Primary is less than a year away? It’s on March 17th, 2020 to be exact. And with Joe Biden getting ready to announce, the Democratic field is almost set. Do I know who I will vote for? No, but I have my wants and my desires.... Read more »

Passover is Coming, and I Burnt Carrots!

Passover. The holiday of escape from slavery and a march to freedom. From the voice of God in the Burning Bush to the roar of Moses to let his people go. It is a heroic story full of bravery and miracles. And like all Jewish festivals, it is celebrated with food. Lots and lots of... Read more »

Ten Things at the Bottom of that Black Hole. Can You Guess Number 6?

By now you have heard the news. Scientists are expected to release the first picture of a black hole, the incredibly dense spots in the universe with so much sucking gravity nothing can escape their pull. Einstein’s relativity theories predicted them, Hollywood made films about them, and Soundgarden sang grunge songs about them.  We know that if you... Read more »

Learning Scott's Law the Easy Way or the Hard Way.

Driving down Half Day Road in Lincolnshire last spring. One friend in the passenger seat next to me, another in the back row. We’re chatting about baseball, and house closings, and prostate biopsies. I’m in the right lane, anticipating the ramp to the Tri-State a mile ahead. There is an Illinois State Patrol car on... Read more »

Precrastinate? Procrastinate? I Like to Be "Crastination-Fluid."

The start of a new month is rolling around. April Fools Day for some, for me it is time to compile and review the lab statistics for the previous month. How many cases did we see, how many biopsies were benign, how many biopsies were malignant, and how many times were we just not sure.... Read more »