Do Cyndi Lauper, Ray Liotta or Jennifer Garner Get the Job Done?


Cyndi, Ray, and Jennifer sell it.

“Hi, I’m just a guy  named Ray Liotta and I don’t smoke anymore, thanks to Chantix.”

There is nothing new about celebrity product endorsements. Back in the 50’s Ronald Reagan shilled for Chesterfield cigarettes while Rock Hudson was a Camels type of guy. Star athletes can make millions from the what they wear, from the Rolexes on Roger Federer’s wrist to the Nike swoosh on Tiger Woods’ hat.

Jennifer Aniston spent decades as America’s sweetheart, not just because of Friends and her Rom-Coms, but because she pushed every beauty product known to man. Jennifer Garner now offers competition and not only with celebrity divorces. In commercials, she loves both her father and his CapitalOne Card, and of course the makeup that makes her skin wrinkle-free.

George Clooney? Do you think the man really crave his Nespresso that much? Well, at least enough to make him the highest paid celeb in 2018.

We love our celebrities, never more than now when they tweet and instagram every thought in their heads. So we love the products they push. Isn’t that the whole philosophy behind celebrity endorsements? That is why I am a bit puzzled by a pair of ads that have run in the past few months, one featuring Cyndi Lauper, and the other Ray Liotta.

The ads, for the drugs Cosentyx and Chantix, feature our stars as everyday people. Cyndi is only one of a crowd with psoriasis. As for Ray, he’s just a man who loves his family and hates smoking.

So what’s the thought process the ad execs have here? We know that you know these people are celebrities, but maybe you will respond to seeing them as just regular folk and get prescriptions for these expensive pharmaceuticals.

It just doesn’t work for me. It makes me uncomfortable. I feel like a spy. Celebs are celebs and that’s why I will let their endorsements sway me.

If someone wants to see what’s in MY wallet it, better be Jennifer Garner in all her glamorous Hollywood glory!

Last blog’s best comment: Surely these “tips” were either written while expressing one of those mischievous sardonic smiles or this was a project for the Times Writers to put down their thoughts while completely inebriated!  Marty Kander.

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