The Three R's. Doing Some Readin', Writin', and 'Rithmetic.

post-itsYesterday we were political. Today we are not.

Some thoughts, questions, and observations on readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic.




  1. Fiction or non-fiction? In my case, I am looking for a good plot, good characters, a good climax and denouement. So it is mostly fiction for me. My last non-fiction book was about the Hillary Clinton campaign, and we know how THAT ended.
  2. How do you choose what books to read? Is there a particular reviewer or website or book list that points the way for you?
  3. What grabs your attention, the author or the title? For me, when I’m browsing the library shelves, it is the author that I am keying my selections on.
  4. What if you have decided to read a series of books by the same author. Do you:
    1. Start with the first book in the series?
    2. Start with the most current title?
    3. Choose one title in the series at random?


  1. The first blog topic? The blog was meant to be a short series focusing on the house Barb and I were building. By the way, the house has turned out just the way we planned it.  Well, almost just the way we planned it. We didn’t plan on redoing the deck, but that’s the way it goes.
  2. Other blog topics through the years? Family history, grandparenting, the arts (just heard Mrs. Maisel is back streaming,) politics, pathology (get your PSA checked!) and travel.
  3. TGFK–Thank God for Keyboards. Based on my handwriting, I was born to be a doc.
  4. Favorite note-taking device? Post-it notes. I love em, use them everywhere. I have digital ones on my monitor. And they make nice decorations too!


  1. About 325 blogs in 3½ years. That’s approximately one every 4 days. But rather than being spread out that way, the blogs come in clusters. Writer’s block followed by the need to get something down on paper.
  2. Two different “Community Managers” for ChicagoNow. Matty Schwer has held the position for the last year or so and has worked hard to keep the blog site a viable entity in the ever-changing Tribune universe. Previous Community Manager Jimmy Greenfield is now the Tribune’s Blackhawks beat reporter. Hey Jimmy, hockey players after a practice or bloggers after a Blogapalooza…which group is smellier?
  3. Other ChicagoNow bloggers I have met? Just one, Kerri K. Morris, gifted teacher and writer of the “Cancer is Not a Gift” blog. And Jimmy G. skated past me once.
  4. Time to write a blog? 60 minutes, with half of that time spent on the tollway doing the mental gymnastics.
  5. 10,000. The number of readers of my most widely read blog post.

Keeping it real—reading, writing and adding it up!

The best comment on yesterday’s blog: Rae Schiff: And being ignorant and ruthless about immigration/like many other politicians. And completely being unprepared when it comes to health care reform.

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