Reaching Trexit Velocity--It Is Time to Eject Trump

astronautExactly two years ago I decided to give then President-Elect Donald Trump a chance. I put aside my doubts and fears, shook hands with my one Conservative friend and bit the bullet of inevitability. But I did lay out 10 Commandments for Trump to follow. Simple things like respecting (or at least understanding) the Constitution, putting country above personal and family allegiances, and talking about bridges instead of just talking about walls.

Now, it’s time to list 10 reasons I need to see the end of Trump. Maybe I am over-cocooned in my New York Times/Huffington Post world, but this is what it looks like from here.


  1. Ignoring the environment putting future generations at greater risk
  2. Allowing foreign intervention in domestic affairs
  3. Promoting racist ideology
  4. Initiating harmful trade policies
  5. Establishing bullying as the currency of the land
  6. Turning a blind eye to vicious foreign allies and while promoting untrustworthy foreign foes
  7. Lying, exaggerating, and amplifying to suit his needs
  8. Filling his administration with crooks and incompetents
  9. Responding poorly to natural disasters
  10. Lowering the esteem of our country in the eyes of the world

Not each of these is an impeachable offense. Perhaps individually none of them are. But as a record of the first two years of his presidency, they are a blueprint for disaster. The next two years could be worse.

Can we strap President Trump onto the next mission to Mars?


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