Mrs. Maisel Is Streaming Again and You Should Be Watching!


Rachel Brosnahan as the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

It has been a year since I offered all of you the Christmas present of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. And thank you Amazon Prime for bringing us this year’s gift of Season 2. The story of the early 60’s Midge Maisel, struggling to survive as a mother, ex-wife, and stand-up comedian is back with 10 streaming episodes.

Barb and I started watching the new season early this week and have only watched the first three episodes. but I have to stop and write, now! The first two episodes were a little slow and philosophical, but with Episode 3, the writer, director, and especially the amazing Rachel Brosnahan as Midge have all hit their very hilarious stride.

The episode, titled The Punishment Room, makes me rethink my position that VeepĀ is the most side-splitting show on television. This episode matches Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and company in laughs and F-bombs from unexpected directions.

The episode includes (you could label this a spoiler alert, but there is no way to spoil this episode):

  • A wonderful opening set piece in the apartment Midge and her kids share with her parents. It’s better choreographed than some Broadway shows I have endured. And the end of the scene is pure Home Alone.
  • A spontaneous female conscience raising seminar with inadvertant consequences.
  • Negotiations (not exactly spiritual) about a wedding reception between our Jewish heroine Midge and a rather dour priest and nun, while a young Catholic student weeps in the background. If you have watched even one episode of the series before, you know who will win this battle of fast-talking.
  • A stunningly tasteless, unrequested and unwanted bit of stand-up by Midge at a public reception. It is so cringeworthy that those of us watching at home cannot help but laugh through our horror. After all, the shotgun Midg mentions isn’t pointed at us!

Barb and I can’t wait to find out what will happen next. If you aren’t already, I recommend you become a fan of Midge Maisel. Her bootleg albums are going to be big sellers!

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