3 Elections and a Question. No Politics Involved!


The Laboratory lights up for the holidays.

No, not the Mid-Terms. There wasn’t much drama in my solidly blue district. But three elections I was involved with in the past month all hit closer to home.

Hometown Hoedown

Want to caucus? I was recently invited to participate on a Nominating Committee picking candidates for 3 Board of Trustee positions in our sleepy little village. We are small enough to fall under the control of a quaint Illinois law calling for a “political” party to choose candidates to run for Village offices. The 13 or 14 local residents invited to be on the Committee became the screening group for the “party.” The public could then caucus and approve our slate, or choose other candidates for the municipal election in the spring. Confused?  So were we!

We mailed announcements to every home in the village inviting people to toss their hat into the ring. We created an application packed with tough questions about our Village, its future, and its challenges. We expected four or five applications to be filled in and returned; we were overwhelmed to receive ten!

Our next step was to interview each candidate. The Committee sat at a long table at the front of the room, while one at a time the candidates came to the podium for a grilling. Yes, it felt like a Senate inquiry. No, there were no allegations of misconduct and no heated defense speeches were required. In short, not much drama. We asked, we listened, and then we chose (secret ballot of course.)

We must have done a good job, all three of our choices were approved at the Village caucus meeting last month. Good luck to our candidates next spring.

Neighborhood Knockdown

Talk about a snoozefest. For the last 20 years, our subdivision Home Owners Association Board of Directors elections have been rather boring affairs. A minimal number of homeowners cast ballots for the rare souls interested in accepting the grief that comes with planning snow-plowing, landscaping, road maintenance. Barb is one of those souls and has shared in the usual highs and lows.

But this year, election night was different! Secret slates! Magic proxies! Challenged signatures! Let’s get ready to rumble boys and girls!

It took the Association attorney to sort out the mess. Barb looks forward to another challenging 2-year term.

Delightful Decorating

The final vote of the year was of a cheerier sort. For the first time, our lab held a  “Decorate Your Area” contest. We went from drab to dazzling overnight. There are magnificent toy soldiers, angels from on high, and loaded stockings hanging on paper fireplaces. The original plan was to have me as the sole judge. I used Executive Privilege to decide everyone would have a say, and our three winners were selected by the entire lab. But really, the whole lab won in this contest!


What was your favorite moment of 2018? And if you could vote for anything in 2019, what would it be?

Best Comment on Wednesday’s Post:

I love this post!  May I print it out and post it for my techs to read?  One of my pet peeves is little flecks of paraffin stuck to things. Microscope, counter, desks etc.  It seems to migrate everywhere.  Finding it on the microscope when I go to check slides is good for a major rant!~Linda Blazek, Dayton, Ohio

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