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Tired of Insurance? Sometimes it Pays!

You know the feeling. Driving home with another couple on a Saturday night Feeling good after dinner and a glass or two of wine. Almost home and then you hear that annoying ding. You look at the car dashboard and see the warning shouting at you in bright red letters TIRE PRESSURE LOW.¬†You grit your... Read more »

A C-Section Without Anesthesia? It Happened to a California Couple, and Almost to Us Too!

Many of you know that Laury gave birth to our third grandchild, a wonderful, healthy baby boy this week. He was delivered by Caesarian section in the late night-early morning hours by mutual consent of Laury and her obstetrician, with the hospital anesthesia department doing its magic to ensure the procedure be as painless as... Read more »

Truth isn't Truth? Maybe Guiliani was Right!

I saw it with my own eyes. I was sitting at the breakfast counter Sunday morning, grooving on my weekly dose of “Meet the Press.” Moderator Chuck Todd was doing the interview duet with Trump attorney Rudy Guiliani, Todd’s favorite guest of the last few months. The tough-talking former New York City mayor was being... Read more »

The First Non Disclosure Agreement. It Sure Wasn't Omarosa!

“Yeah, hi Adam, I’m Eve. No, I don’t know where I came from, all of a sudden I was just standing here, practically naked. All I can remember is some ephemeral force saying they were going to create me. Said there was a spare bone or something laying around and that you needed some company.... Read more »

When Alex Trebek Leaves Jeopardy I Want In!

There have only been two hosts of Jeopardy! that mattered. Art Fleming gave the answers on most of the original run, and Alex Trebek has been the man behind the podium on the current version since the show’s reinception in 1984. Mr. Trebek’s current contract expires in 2020, and he has hinted that after 36... Read more »

Who was John Elsas, and Why Do I Care?

Are you into genealogy? Some people get their fix via “23 and Me,” some get it by meticulous research on sites such as “” I have never delved into genealogy, but I got a taste of my family’s backstory via an unexpected email from more than 4000 miles away. The email, from Frankfurt, Germany, was... Read more »

Is Terry Boers' Autobiography the "Bore of a Lifetime?"

Since 1992, the soundtrack of my life has mostly been a shuffle between the “the adult rock” of WXRT and the non-stop sports prattle on WSCR, “The Score.” I have followed The Score across three radio frequencies and a shifting roster of hosts. But for most of that time, the one constant was Terry Boers,... Read more »