Do You Have Snobby Tastes? This Zippy List Says That We Do!

ziplocI came upon a fascinating little squib in my Time Magazine Daily Email. Researchers at the University of Chicago (Go Maroons!) using data from 2016 have come up with a list of the Top Ten products that can separate the highest economic class of Americans from the lowest class. Apparently, this list is not based on the cost of the item but somehow measures personal taste. The list is summarized below.


  1. iPhone
  2. iPad
  3. Verizon Wireless
  4. Android phone
  5. Kikkoman soy sauce
  6. HP printer or fax machine
  7. AT&T cellular network
  8. Samsung TV set
  9. Cascade Complete dishwasher detergent
  10. Ziploc plastic bags

So I have to admit it, Barb and I must have pretty highbrow taste. iPhone and iPad chargers are parked in every electrical outlet in our home, symbolic of our addiction to Apple technology. When we travel, half of a suitcase is devoted to those tangled white cords.

We have been using, and been overbilled by, Verizon Wireless for years, most notably when we leave the country and try to decipher their various international plans. I have been using HP printers since my dot matrix days, though Laury claims my current one-year-old printer sounds like it is from the Stone Age. I also have a subscription to HP Instant Ink, a nice revenue stream for HP in the “give away the razor, screw ’em on the blade pricing” manner.

We didn’t intend to purchase Samsung TV sets, but when our Sony TVs had difficulties in playing nicely with our Xfinity Cable, we swapped two of the sets for comparable Samsung models. Our dishwasher gobbles Cascade Complete Tablets, although I also keep a box of plain Cascade powder under the sink for special tasks. And Ziploc bags? Until recently my bagged lunch contained three of four, with rice and carrots and cherries and blueberries all getting their own little zip; I am proud to say that in a Zen moment last month I switched to reusable plastic containers for most of those.

So by my count, we hit on 7 out of 10. We don’t buy enough soy sauce to have a preference, we just look for the one with the lowest sodium content.  If that happens to be Kikkoman, so be it. And by habit, if by nothing else, Android and AT&T lose out to Apple and Verizon, at least for the time being.

Call me a snob…and don’t you dare question me about my choice of hoity-toity all-natural peanut butter. See you at Whole Foods!

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