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Does Every Picture Tell a Story? It's Next on My Top Album List.

When I say “Rod Stewart” you may think of the current creepy crooner singing American classics or the even creepier late 1970’s guy in tight Spandex (is there any other kind?) singing bad Disco (again, is there any other kind?) But when I think of Rod I try to block out all those painful visions... Read more »

After Jon Snow and Ygritte, Ten TV Couples We Would Have Liked to See Married in Real Life. You Might Disagree with Number Six.

Jon Snow and Ygritte happily ever after? No, (spoiler alert if you are way, way behind) it didn’t turn out that way on Game of Thrones. But we have hopes in real life, as Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie, the two actors who play(ed) the roles, were married June 23rd. With no White walkers or... Read more »

When I Want to Laugh I Think of Allan Sherman

Continuing on with my occasional list of albums that have had the most influence on me, I am heading back to the early 1960’s and the First King of Song Parodies, Allan Sherman. Before Steve Dahl rocked with “Ayatollah,” before Al Yankovic foisted his weirdness upon us, I was memorizing the lyrics to every song on... Read more »

An Album for My Dad on Father's Day

I’ve written about my dad before, but with Father’s Day coming up, I thought I would dedicate the next entry on my Favorite Record Albums of All Time list to his memory. In the early 1960’s my dad briefly joined The Columbia Record Club, one of the “Buy 4 Albums, Get 1 Free” variety that... Read more »

What Mind Games Do YOU Play?

So keep on playing those mind games together Doing the ritual dance in the sun John Lennon, Mind Games, 1973 Remember the game Rack-O? You might not. It was originally marketed by that old game master Milton-Bradley and has been around since 1956. Each player started with a plastic rack loaded with 10 numbered cards... Read more »

Your Doctor Hates the Electronic Health Record. I Love it.

We have all had the experience. We go to our doctor for an annual physical, or to work out some specific problem, and they spend most of the time reading their laptop or typing data into it. Personal contact and face-to-face time feel smothered by the need to enter all your information to be stored... Read more »

Trump Trickle Down

“The next person who has asked to speak at the Watertown Citizen’s Forum is Grady Fornstock. His chosen topic is Watertown: My Kind of Place.” “Thank you for inviting me to be the keynote speaker at the Citizen Forum Day here. Hey, you’re a real cutey. Busy later? “I’m looking out and I know this... Read more »

Miss America Changes And Other Contests Should Too!

No more swimsuits, no more evening gowns. In the biggest development since firing Bert Parks in 1979, the Miss America Organization has revealed a change in focus for the Miss America Pageant. Physical appearance is out, replaced by an emphasis on the organizations stated mission: empowering women and handing out millions of dollars in scholarships. Personality... Read more »