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Lunar Eclipses and Mad Men: My List Continues

Post #2 In My Favorite 10 Albums Challenge List. A friend recently asked me what musical groups were still on my list of “bands I had never seen but would like to.” I don’t have such a list, but if I did Pink Floyd would be on it. That being said, I know I will... Read more »

Can This "Terrorist" Be a Therapy Dog?

Barb loves dogs. And as an Occupational Therapist, she loves treating her patients. So is it any surprise that she has always wanted to have a therapy dog? No, not the ones wearing the vests that wind up in front of you on your trans-oceanic flight, those are service dogs. Her ambition is to have a... Read more »

Anti-American? Who Gets To Say?

“The NFL is being anti-American.” That’s the email subject line on the David Leonhardt newsletter I received Thursday. David is a columnist for the New York Times and I subscribe to his daily newsletter, generally going along with his somewhat left-leaning views. And I concur with the premise of this one, too. He strongly disagrees... Read more »

Favorite Album Forum: My List Begins with the Beatles and the Stones

Roger Marcus, a friend, fellow traveler, game show enthusiast, and trivialogist, has invited me to join the Facebook Favorite Album Forum. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be spouting on about ten different albums and what they mean to me. In addition, I will be inviting other friends to contribute their favorites. I’ll be mixing... Read more »

10 for 15: Ten Observations On Our 15th Annual Roadtrip

15 seasons ago a gang of six forty-somethings, with ties from back in high school and earlier, took in some spring training games in Arizona. It was a mix of planned activities and spur of the moment fun. We didn’t anticipate it would be the inaugural event in a string of annual weekends that has... Read more »

Dear Evan Hansen: Why Don't I Love You?

Dear Evan Hansen: I know your therapist wants you to write self-affirming letters to yourself to help you improve your self-image and cope better in interactions with the people around you. And I know you won a whole bunch of Tony Awards last year and that you inspire lots of people. But does that mean... Read more »

Does This Pillbox Make Me Old? 10 Reasons Why I Don't Think It Does!

Does This Pillbox Make Me Old? 10 Reasons Why I Don't Think It Does!
Last Father’s Day Weekend we celebrated Laury and Alex’s wedding in Downtown Chicago. This Mother’s Day Weekend we traveled with Michael, Becca and their girls to New York City for Becca’s brother’s wedding. A hectic but fun weekend. At some point during the festivities, Michael noticed my “day of the week” pillbox. After a bit... Read more »

Deadlier Than "The Quiet Place." You Better Not Make A Move.

“Don’t move a muscle!” I think to myself at about 4:00 each morning. By now you’ve seen or heard about the John Krasinski-Emily Blunt end of the world thriller “A Quiet Place.” Make a sound and skinny aliens with ginormous ears will have you for lunch. But at least the Krasinski family had the freedom... Read more »

Don't Be Afraid to Call Your Pathologist. It Might Make Both of You Happy!

“Mr. Michaelis wants you to call him,” said KB, my administrative manager. “Who is Mr. Michaelis?” I asked. “He is a patient. He wants to talk to you about a report that…” At this point, most pathologists complexion changes to a deathly pallor. Their heart starts sprinting, a line of sweat breaks out on their... Read more »

What Do Autopsies, Prostate Cancer and Carson Pirie Scott Have in Common? Three Awarded Posts in the Last Three Months!

Writing for ChicagoNow is a  lot of fun, and always a challenge. It is a pleasure to have my thoughts and musings share digital space with a wide variety of writing talent. My companions cover topics ranging from sports to politics, from cooking to pets, and from the adventures to the misadventures of life. Each month Matty... Read more »