Favorite Album Forum: My List Begins with the Beatles and the Stones


This Beatles, Stones combo would make a smash double album!

Roger Marcus, a friend, fellow traveler, game show enthusiast, and trivialogist, has invited me to join the Facebook Favorite Album Forum. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be spouting on about ten different albums and what they mean to me. In addition, I will be inviting other friends to contribute their favorites.

I’ll be mixing these posts in with the usual collection of blogs. Since this is a Facebook project, if you want to contribute your ten, please do so on Facebook and be sure to “Friend” me. If you are not on Facebook, you can either sign up (another victim for Mark Z.) or just email me (les.raff@post.com) your ten favorites and I will post them for you.

Enough housekeeping! For my first entry, I plunge into the Beatles vs Stones debate. Although I was always more of a Beatles fan, I can greatly appreciate the rock’n’roll mastery of the Rolling Stones 1971 album, Sticky Fingers. The album cover, with a real live zipper, was notorious, but it was the music that rocked. Brown Sugar got things galloping, Wild Horses slowed things down. For me, the real treats were the guitar riff on Bitch, and the fantastic jam at the end of Can’t You Hear Me Knocking, the best four and a half minutes of Stones vinyl anywhere.

Beatles anyone? While most rock critics would choose Rubber Soul or Sgt. Pepper as their most iconic, trend-setting, albums, I delight in A Hard Day’s Night (1964). A soundtrack to the movie of the same name, side one starts out with a ringing guitar chord that always makes me stop and listen. And so many of the songs just fill my mind with their related movie scenes. Side two (on the UK version) is a collection of non-movie songs that work great too!

Beatles or Stones-either way it’s a great choice, a choice that is still relevant 50 years later. Any thoughts on these two top albums? Let me hear from you! And look out for more great sounds in the weeks to come.

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