Does This Pillbox Make Me Old? 10 Reasons Why I Don't Think It Does!

Does This Pillbox Make Me Old? 10 Reasons Why I Don't Think It Does!
My latest pillbox.
My latest pillbox.

My latest pillbox.

Last Father’s Day Weekend we celebrated Laury and Alex’s wedding in Downtown Chicago. This Mother’s Day Weekend we traveled with Michael, Becca and their girls to New York City for Becca’s brother’s wedding. A hectic but fun weekend. At some point during the festivities, Michael noticed my “day of the week” pillbox. After a bit of an eye roll, he said: “You really don’t have one of those, do you?” Sorry to say, yes I do! Actually, I have two; one for first thing in the morning, one for dinner time. But please, my son, realize that though that kind of pillbox may be most closely associated with our senior citizens, having one, or two, doesn’t make me old at all. And I have proof!

10 Ways You Can Know I Am Still Young

  1. I have a day of the week pillboxes, but I am able to keep them filled myself.
  2. I can still do our Saturday Morning Boot Camp, even if my Burpees now look a lot like jumping jacks.
  3. I’ll still run the SeaBlue 5K, even if I finish only a few minutes ahead of the walkers.
  4. I still listen to (some) current music, even if I like the old stuff better.
  5. I can still cover a doubles court in tennis, even if I can’t serve any aces.
  6. I can still adapt to most technological advances, even if I stopped writing my own code years ago.
  7. I still read the Sunday comics and watch some Saturday Night Live, I just don’t always “get” them.
  8. I have a Kindle or two, even if I still would rather lug around a 5-pound book on the flight to New York.
  9. I’m wearing a smartwatch, even if it is a Fitbit instead of the Apple Watch you and Laury gave me for Father’s Day.
  10. I can still get down on the ground to play with the grandkids, even if I sometimes need a helping hand to get back up.

So don’t worry. I plan to feel young and to be around for a long time to come. But I promise I won’t tell you if I get a third pillbox. Wouldn’t want to worry you!



An observation about my last post. Barb assures me that Milo is the perfect dog and absolutely NOT the middle of the night monster I made him out to be. I stand corrected.

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