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Your Biopsy Lives On-What Happens After the Diagnosis is Made

So we have made your diagnosis. Hopefully, your biopsy was benign, but what if it was malignant? What happens next? What does a lab do with any leftover bits of your tissue?  What happens to the glass slides we looked at under the microscope to make the diagnosis? While I will use the prostate biopsies... Read more »

Carsons Department Stores are Closing for Good, and I Care. Do you?

Because Bon-Ton, the bankrupt owner of Carson’s cannot find a buyer, all Carson’s stores will be closed. Except for Carson’s employees, this is probably a pretty ho-hum announcement for most Chicagoans. After all, Chicago is the city that was Marshall Fields. Fields had the iconic State Street Clock. It had Frango Mints and it had... Read more »

Fleetwood Mac Says "Go your Own Way" to Lindsey Buckingham

Have a favorite song? I’ve been reading the book “Why You Love Music: From Mozart to Metallica, the Emotional Power of Beautiful Sounds.” It had me wondering what songs would make my Top Ten list. Of course, in my list, there would be some U2, some Steely Dan, a flicker of Pink Floyd. But sitting... Read more »

Was This Timeshare a Scam? No, but the Follow-up Sure Seems Like One.

Barb and I bought a timeshare at The Beautiful Beach Resort in Mexico two years ago. No, that’s not the scam. Sleazy as the process was, we paid our money, got a contract, and have even returned to the facility for a very nice week with friends. Sure, Mr. Unctious, the salesman, and Mr. Slimy,... Read more »

Yes, I Watched Jesus Christ Superstar. And Here Is Why.

As I have said before, I’m a big musical theater guy. Lots of “Broadway in Chicago,” lots of Marriott Theatre productions, and lots, but not enough, trips to New York City–Evan Hansen, you are next. But I have skipped the live TV broadcasts of the last few years of “The Sound of Music,” “Grease,” Hairspray,”... Read more »