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I Give People Cancer, Part 2

(In Part 1 I discussed being the man who “gives people cancer.” I promised that Part 2 would be a little background as to how I got here.) July, 1977 A hot day during what will be a steamy summer. The elevators in the University of Illinois Hospital are always too slow and too crowded.... Read more »

I Give People Cancer. Part 1

I had the following conversation with a new acquaintance at a recent dinner party: “I do merger and acquisitions, it was slow for a while, but now it is heating up again. I do OK. How about you, what do you do.” “I guess I do OK too. I’m a pathologist. I run a medical... Read more »

Dog Days are Here Again-And We Couldn't Be Happier

A Catholic Priest, a Protestant Minister, and a Jewish Rabbi are all asked the same question on a TV talk show. When does life begin? The Priest quickly answers “at conception.” The Minister wrinkles his forehead and says “when the Lord blows a soul into the tiny fetus.” The Rabbi grins and replies “When the... Read more »

What I Hope to Give Thanks For on Next Year's Thanksgiving. It's a Different THC.

My vision for Thanksgiving 2018. The Oval Office, Monday, November 26, 2018, the first workday after Thanksgiving.  President Donald Trump (R), meets incoming House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and  incoming Senate Majority Leader Charles (Chuck) Schumer (D-NY.) ****** Schumer: Now that all the disputed districts have been finalized, I think it is pretty clear... Read more »

Some Non-Sporting Observations from Yesterday's Bear Game. Number Eight Was a Surprise!

It was a cold afternoon at Soldier Field on Sunday. Not brutal, but cold nonetheless. The November sun did what it could to provide a hint of warmth, but long johns, two down jackets, a wool hat and fiberfill gloves did a better job. Michael and I knew we wanted to take in a game... Read more »

Tricks for U2 Tix. What Works for You When You Want Tickets to a Show?

Do I want to go to a concert? First, a few questions to answer. Am I a fan club member? Do I have a credit card from the bank sponsoring the tour? Will I have a chance to take a break from looking at slides in my office at exactly 9:00 am (9:01 will be... Read more »

Hillary, It Is Not About "What Happened." It Is About What Didn't Happen. Here Is Why.

This is where we are now. The Justice Department is being pushed by the President to investigate the Clinton Foundation. Allegations against Ray Moore are reigniting the “Bill Clinton did worse things to women than this southern gentleman ever did, and Hillary stood by him” conversation.  And we are coming to recognize just how deeply... Read more »

Cream of Wheat Memories. What is YOUR Favorite Breakfast?

Keep your fancy oatmeal. I don’t want your prehistoric grains, your quinoa, your Kamut©. I don’t care what “multiple research studies” will have to say about the right cereal lowering the risk of heart disease in middle-aged men with a tendency towards corpulence. There is only one hot cereal for me, smooth and well-sweetened Cream... Read more »

The Gettysburg Address-Trump Style

A mysterious audio file appeared on my screen this morning. I publish an unedited transcript. “Four score and seven years ago–(what is that, about 90 years? Math wasn’t on my IQ test) our forefathers (white men, great white men) brought forth upon this continent (I got to tell you it is a great continent, loaded with... Read more »

Why the Name is Changing, But the Song Remains the Same

I have made a change. You may not have noticed, but beginning today, my blog has a shiny new name.”Downsize, Maybe” has been retired. When I started writing in the middle of 2015, Barb and I were still contemplating what sort of house we would build. We thought we would probably be downsizing, but we... Read more »