Ten Blogs I Didn't Write-Would Number 8 Have Been A Winner?

kittenThere haven’t been any new blogs from me for a week or so. It is not that I haven’t been thinking about my ChicagoNow readers, I just haven’t found a topic that has inspired the necessary 500 words. I suppose it is a form of writer’s block, but as long as writing is not my profession, that particular malady doesn’t overly damage my psyche.

Just to prove that I have been giving it a shot, here is a list of 10 topics that I have tried, and failed, to blog about.

  1. Our cat that thinks it is a dog. Barb wants me to write a book about this one, but are there enough cat ladies out there who would want to read it?
  2. A story in the New York Times about the difficulties in the Medical Examiners Office in New Hampshire. Overdose deaths have lead to an overworked ME. While in training I spent several months in the Cook County Medical Examiners Office, but I lack the knowledge and skill to adequately discuss what this story is really about, the opioid crisis.
  3. The distressing comments of a rabbi who has buried 28 young adults, lost to overdose deaths. See #2.
  4. The appeal of sitting in a dark room and listening to an album (ok, it was digital, not vinyl) from start to finish. For those interested in my musical taste, the album was the first Crosby, Stills and Nash release, the one creatively titled “Crosby, Stills, and Nash.” It is the one with the song that is the source of my ringtone for Barb–can you guess which one?
  5. The sounds of silence. One afternoon I actually turned off the radio in my office. I gave up the usual background noise for a surprising calmness. After a day or two I broke, and the radio came back on.
  6. My new role as a teacher.  I am educating my fitness trainer about classic rock music. For every extra ten push-ups he makes me do, I lecture him on an even more obscure band from the 60’s or 70’s. Quicksilver Messenger Service anyone?
  7. Why we do this. ChicagoNow bloggers were posting on the CN  Facebook page about why they write. It made me think about why I keep writing, but it didn’t turn into 500 words of contemplation. It did make me think I need a new name for this blog, since I am no longer writing about building a house. Any suggestions?
  8. Another assault on Trump. I was working on an acrostic, with the first letter of each line linking up to spell “Great Again.” I stopped after “Greedy” and Repulsive.” I suppose the poem, if ever completed, could be about Harvey Weinstein too.
  9. The return of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” I have never been much of an enthusiast, and just wonder if Jeff Garlin does nothing but scream in real life, too.
  10. Life hacking. The little sideways things that make life work better. Barb and I share one that I can’t discuss here…

Ten concepts, but no blog posts. I’ll keep pushing on my writer’s brick wall, maybe it will come tumbling down soon!

Peace and Love,



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