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The Safety Engineer's Reply Will Make You Wonder.

“Dr. Raff, the new stainer won’t turn on.” “That’s strange, the electrical safety engineer said it was fine yesterday…” Our lab has been in business for almost 12 years now. We use lots of automated analyzers, stainers, cover-slippers. They are subjected to daily use, so plenty of wear and tear. We purchase some of them... Read more »

Cars Come and Go, But the Best Leave an Impression.

Tonight Barb and I will sign the papers, write the check, and trade in my black stallion for its replacement.  It will all happen at a dealer out in Naperville, a suburb as foreign to a Northsider like me as wins are to the current Bulls team. It took weeks of combing car dealer websites,... Read more »

#metoo. Here's Why I Was A Lucky One.

I was a 13-year-old kid, the son of the company’s office manager, spending a blistering hot summer helping out in the warehouse. The guy was about 25, part of the regular warehouse crew, pulling boxes of shoes and socks for delivery to the 20 or so stores the company had in the Chicago area. He had no... Read more »

NRA Got it Wrong-Researcher Discovers the Second Amendment Protects the Right to BARE Arms!

In a startling announcement, T. Mueller-Hinton Ph.D. of the National Constitutional Archivists (NCA) has conclusively demonstrated that the Second Amendment to the Constitution contains a transcription error. After reviewing notes from the attendees of the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and numerous drafts of the Bill of Rights, Dr. Mueller-Hinton has clear proof that the... Read more »

Ten Blogs I Didn't Write-Would Number 8 Have Been A Winner?

There haven’t been any new blogs from me for a week or so. It is not that I haven’t been thinking about my ChicagoNow readers, I just haven’t found a topic that has inspired the necessary 500 words. I suppose it is a form of writer’s block, but as long as writing is not my... Read more »