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Veggie Chips vs Garrett's Popcorn: Which Would You Choose?

Ruminations at 6:00 a.m. this morning. “Let’s see, it looks like someone brought a big bag of treats into the lunchroom for us bleary-eyed coworkers. From the size and shape of the package, it looks like about a month’s supply of some crunchy snack from Costco. The package has drawings and cartoons, so that’s a... Read more »

Did 48 Years Worth of Suckers Elect Donald Trump?

“There’s a sucker born every minute.” You all know the quote. While it is most commonly attributed to P.T. Barnum, it precedes him, and there is no evidence he actually ever said it. But someone, somewhere, did originate it.  And 48 years worth of those suckers voted for Donald Trump for President. How do I... Read more »

Pancreatic Cancer Took My Dear Sister, But Not Her Light

Sunday was a day spent at my friend Art’s lake house with a few other high school buddies, walking along the beach, downing chili, and watching the Cubs soar while the Bears and Sox flopped. My friend Gary mentioned that he enjoyed the blogs I have written about my family history. He quoted a line... Read more »

10 Ways Neil Diamond Should Sell Out--Can You Guess Number Nine?

Did it make you laugh? The first time you saw the Hyundai TV commercial using  “Sweet Caroline” to sell Sonatas? It suddenly seemed as if it were everywhere. The bum-bum-bum sing-along between the guy and gal commuters  ranked as the most frequently viewed car commercial for a week over the summer. And audiophiles like me know that... Read more »

No Love-The Relationship Has Come to an End

How long has it been? Do we even remember the early years? Every thing was so smooth and easy. It was like poetry in motion, just like a finely tuned ballet. If I was down, you picked me up; if I erred you were there to help me. I looked forward to being with you,... Read more »