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We Get Hotter, And I Can't Even Blame It On Global Warming

I wake up as a tremendous ball of heat engulfs me. Throwing off the covers I  wonder. Did Kim Jong-un launch his first nuclear missile and chose the north Chicago suburbs as his target? Has Trump launched a pre-emptive strike and gotten the launch code parameters wrong? Maybe the decommissioned nuclear power plant up in... Read more »

A Word Trump Might Not Have Said

I made a mistake in judgment. Yesterday’s blog post was a satirical look at our President and how he chooses to view the world and its events, man-made or natural. It was a pretty good piece, worthy of being an anchor on the ChicagoNow Weekend Front Page and to attract some attention in the Twitter zone, where it recently... Read more »

Trump News Conference - "Both Sides Responsible For Solar Eclipse."

In an early morning impromptu press conference in the lobby of Trump Tower, President Donald Trump refused to lay the blame on next week’s solar eclipse on natural astrophysical events, instead claiming the alt-left was directly responsible. “There is no doubt in my mind that emphasis on solar power is overwhelming the capacity of the... Read more »

If You Don't Love Your Neighbor, At Least Have Empathy

The email began with “I’m hanging in there. My husband passed away in an accident in June. Been very difficult, but I’m doing my best.” I don’t know Jane well. She is my contact for a company in a southern state that our lab has used for several years for online learning and record keeping.... Read more »

I Couldn't Kick The Sweet'N Low or NutraSweet Habit. Can You?

I tried. I really did my best. I thought there was a good reason to give up all those artificial sweeteners. I am talking about the little pink packets of Sweet’N Low that I had been emptying two at a time into my tea cup every day. And although I had kicked my diet cola... Read more »

We Are Great Because You Won't Stop

  Lab Mates: We are a great lab. When we were reviewing inspection checklists at our meeting yesterday I said that it wasn’t following all the items on the mandated punch list that made us great. I was wondering if one of you would ask me what it is that does make us special, but... Read more »

Bringing the Outside In -- Suburban Style

It has been quite a while since I have written about our new home. Seven months in and to quote White Sox announcer Ken Harrelson, there are “ducks on the pond.” Also swans, geese, herons and one prehistoric looking, pterodactyl-like creature. We have mastered the local walking and running trails and measured out our Sunday... Read more »

10 Differences between Chicago's Lollapalooza and Donald Trump's Trumpapalooza

It’s that time of year. Beginning tomorrow, Chicago will once again host Lollapalooza, one of the countries largest annual music festivals. Four days of music, sun, and traffic jams. In the meantime, Washington DC, continues to host the nation’s other ongoing source of entertainment, as the Trump administration lurches along from one calamity to the... Read more »