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It is Time to Repeal and Replace Donald Trump

Eighteen months ago I started out with a gentle parody of the Republican and Democratic Primary/Debate process. A little later I turned my focus more specifically to Donald Trump.  After his win in November, I beseeched him to be a President who listened to, and governed for, all of us–regardless of age, race, profession or... Read more »

Our Family is Learning from the Trumps--This is How

The following transcript was discovered in the hidden files on Sean Spicer upon his sudden resignation as White House Press Secretary.   Secret taping of Raff household during Sunday Barbecue July 16 Dr. Raff: Thank you all for coming to our lovely home today for this wonderful barbecue. I am about to go out and... Read more »

Oops We Did it Again--Another Research Paper Tells Us Pathologists Sometimes Have it Tough, This Time With Melanoma

I keep saying it. Pathology is hard. I know that it is convenient to believe that when your surgeon does a biopsy and “sends it to the lab,” someone you have never met will look down the tube of a microscope, make a definite diagnosis, call your doctor immediately with all the answers and then... Read more »

Why Game of Thrones Will Make You Smarter. 10 Life Lessons I Have Learned Watching Seasons 1-6.

Are you a fan? Get your kicks watching Cersei and Jon Snow and fire breathing dragons? Then I am sure that you will be home Sunday night perched in front of your favorite TV set to watch the Season 7 premiere of “Game of Thrones” live. Sure you could go to a GOT party, but... Read more »

Customer Service- This is Why We Will Go Back to Abt, but Not to IKEA

Scenario #1: I told you about some ghosts in our machine. The new Sony TVs we bought at Abt Television and Appliances didn’t communicate well with our Comcast/Xfinity cable system. Frequent shutdowns and reboots made watching “The Walking Dead” and “Girls” even greater hardships than they otherwise would have been. In contrast, our older TVs... Read more »