What Would The New York Times Say About YOUR Wedding?


The future Dr. and Mrs. Raff at a prenuptial event.

With Laury and Alex’s wedding less than a week away, it is no surprise that I have matrimony on my mind. Maybe that is why I was stopped cold by a headline in Saturday’s digital New York Times. I read The Times for its political commentary, but I was intrigued by the headline “Irresistible but Unavailable, at Least for a While.” The article used the NYT high-falutin prose to document the courtship of a former Miss Teen US Continental to an employee of the National Football League. The story is complete with the romantic hold outs, hard-to-gets, and almost giving ups. It is tale of love and desire that instead of being in Us Magazine has somehow claimed one of the tops spots on my Times “Recommended for You” clicklist.

I started to wonder how a high class rag like the Times might have described the courtship and nuptials of Barb and I way back in 1978–assuming we had been fortunate enough to attract their notice. It might have gone something like this…

Barbara Sue Jacobs and Lester John Raff were married November 12 in a ceremony and luncheon at the aging Drake Hotel in Chicago. Rabbi Howard Addison, a former youth group leader of the groom, served as officiant and stayed for lunch.

Mrs. Raff, 22, is an Occupational Therapist at the Rehabilitation Institure of Chicago. Occupational Therapy, also known as Jewish Physical Therapy, is the practice of preparing patients for the activities of daily life. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois, reknowned as the home of Garcia’s Pizza and a library built underground so as not to block the cornfields from sunlight. She is the daughter of Lee and Bea Jacobs. We  at the Times are happy to say the senior Jacobs both hail from the East Coast and are thus worthy of mention.

Mr. Raff (soon to be Dr. Raff,) also 22, celebrates Northwestern University as his alma mater. NU, as he affectionately calls it, still trails archrival University of Chicago in Big Ten Championships, despite U of C dropping out of the league prior to World War II to concentrate on building atomic bombs. He is currently a student at the Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine of the University of Illinois. (During his life, Mr. Lincoln, an attorney and not a physician, repeatedly denied the rumor that he gave Governor of Illinois several shoe boxes of cash to name the Medical School for him.)  Mr. Raff is currently interested in pursuing a career in pathology, the art of being a doctor without having to see patients.

The relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Raff began while watching a televised program in the social hall of the Medical Center Dormitory, when both were residing on the mostly deserted campus during a weekend. A nearly silent first date consisting of observing a polo match and pizza followed several weeks later. Attendance at polo matches was not to be repeated by the couple, though pizza dinners were to become a standard. Other future encounters included visits to The House on the Rock in Spring Green Wisconsin, the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, and a Neil Diamond concert. According to Mr. Raff, “I really knew she was the girl for me when she cursed out the gang-gangers hanging out on the street in front of my rat infested Wrigleyville apartment.”

The wedding party consisted of numerous friends and relatives. Chicken was served.

It sounds so classy!  I hope Laury and Alex can compete.


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