Ninety Years of Music-Neil Diamond and U2 Play Chicago

neil-u2Barb and I completed our bookend concerts Saturday, on a very temperate moonlit night at Soldier Field. The Lumineers “Hey-Ho-ed” the opening, and an hour later U2 rocked the crowd with their Joshua Tree anniversary tour.  A nice evening out, marred only by total human gridlock leaving the stadium after the show. I suppose the crowd flows more freely after Bear games, with disappointed fans starting to leave halfway through the fourth quarter rather than everyone waiting for the final note from the Edge’s guitar.

The week before we were parked in the United Center for Neil Diamond’s return to Chicago. Neil is an act that Barb has watched transform from the urgent young man in black leather, through the glitz and glitter of the Jazz Singer days, into a mature, almost low-key performer. There was no opening act, but eye candy for the audience was provided by one spectator whose skin tight gold lame dress barely covered any of her very abundant “assets.” She openned more eyes than a Patrick Kane spin-o-rama shot on goal.

A pair of concerts, different as can be, but both celebrating the music of our generation. Both evenings so good, so good so good.

Here is a quick concert quiz. You don’t have to have been at either concert to score a perfect 100%!

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