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How the Oreo Crumbles

You can talk about your Twinkies. You may hustle for a Ho-Ho. And I’ll admit I have pined for a Pop-Tart or two (blueberry, unfrosted, untoasted, please.) But the childhood craving that is always knocking at the door is the one for Oreo Cookies. Those two, crispy, cardboardy, chocolate wafers, that pseudo-cream white stuff in... Read more »

Am I A Sporcle Addict?

Do I smoke? Not since I lit up a Muriel Cigar in high school, lured in by Muriel pitch woman Edie Adams. Do I drink? Wine with dinner, beer with pizza, Margarita’s for Fathers Day and a good Scotch with my friends, but really nothing overboard or hepatotoxic. Do I do drugs? Not a pill or a puff. Legalize... Read more »

A Wedding Is NOT a Grown Up Bat Mitzvah. Here is Why.

Laury and Alex’s wedding is one month from today.  RSVPs are being counted. Dresses are being formed, fitted and accessorized; tuxedos are coming out of hanging bags and sent to Zenglers Dry Cleaning to be pressed. Rehearsal dinner and morning after brunch, both courtesies of the groom’s family, are planned. We have picked the pictures... Read more »