The Biggest and the Best Says Goodbye

maxApril 20, 2017
It has been rough. When I saw the vet last month he thought I might have a good six months to a year ahead of me. He sent home some pills for the pain in my hips. It has helped, but I still haven’t been myself. Thirteen years is a long time for a big fellow like me, and I am feeling every hour, every minute, every second. Last night was the worst. I spent the night panting, and this morning I just couldn’t move. Not to take a walk, not to eat, not to take my pills.

She called him home from work, and then they called their son. They carried me to the car, and drove me to the clinic where people carried me in and laid me on a blanket in this room. I can hear soft crying, and feel hands stroke my back and chin. But my mind is blurred and thoughts jumbled. I feel a little jab on my hind leg, and the vet is murmuring to me.  Now there is no pain. Now there is nothing. Now the kitty princess will be queen. But I will always be with you.

February 1, 2017
Getting my bearings in the new house. A little disorienting, but is nice that they have their bedroom on the first floor now. My hips were making it hard for me to climb stairs in the old house, and I would have hated not spending my nights with them.

All these wood floors are trouble though. My legs just splay out when I try to get up off floor. Sometimes they have to put their hands under my belly and lift me. But I enjoy my short walks with them. So many dogs in this new neighborhood. And a big pond nearby. I bet there will be lots of birds in the spring! Just have to remember to rest these bones.

March 15, 2011
They brought a new kitten home. I hadn’t seen the old one around for awhile, the one who could be mean. Don’t know what happened to him. This new one thinks she is a princess.  Very cute and haughty. They give her lots of attention, got to be sure they don’t forget about me in all the excitement.

June 12, 2008
A perfect day. We went with the neighbors and their dog on a long walk, all the way to the railroad tracks and the grocery store. The sun felt so good on my deep black coat. And on the way home we walked by my girlfriends house. We romped in her front yard.  A little play nipping too. But I would never, ever, ever hurt anyone or anything. It is just not in my nature. At bedtime he gave me my nightly chin rub, and then I lay down on the floor beside her side of the bed. A day we will always remember.

October 22, 2007
They got that DNA test on me, and guess what? No matter how much I look like an Irish Wolfhound, there’s not a drop of Irish in me. My genes say I am a labrador/sheepdog/chow/retriever. That’s quite a mix. But she still says I am the biggest and the best. That’s all that matters to me!

May 16, 2005
It’s two weeks since they took me from the shelter. She said she didn’t want a puppy, or any dog that was going to grow big. The daughter helped him talk her into it. They seem like a nice family. Today we are on a road trip to visit their son at college. We met a woman in a parking lot who said she adopted a dog just like me from the same shelter last year. She says their dog is an Irish Wolfhound and she bets I am too! My lady almost fainted, but I can see lots of fun times ahead. It’s going to be a wonderful life.


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