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Getting Smart at the Crystal Palace

It has been a couple of months since move-in day and we are settling down. The house is beginning to feel like our home. It is taking time, but the neighborhood is beginning to feel like our neighborhood as well. The neighbors, all very friendly, have been stopping by, bearing gifts and eager for the... Read more »

Will We Be Holding Hands in 2032?

We are in the Westchester Panera.  Barb has brought our granddaughters to the western ‘burbs for a rare treat, lunch out followed by a visit to Baba’s lab. The girls are entertaining the crowd as they always do, generous with their giggles and smiles and waves. An older couple, who tell us they have five... Read more »

I am Wildcat, Hear Me Roar! Northwestern Rocks Chicago

Good things come to those who wait. Back when I was an underaged Northwestern undergrad, circa 1972, football and basketball, the “big” sports of the Big Ten, were an afterthought, or more truthfully, a non-thought for most of the student body. The last place football team had just graduated Mike Adamle, its only star, and... Read more »

Time for the No Trump Revolution? Fifteen Rock'n'Roll Songs to Lead the Way.

Thanks to all for their kind thoughts on my previous post about Barb. She and I saw “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” last night. Among other things, it reminded us of the power of rock’n’roll. And political movements need a sound. After all, the French Revolution had La Marseillaise and people have been singing that... Read more »

Of Melanoma and Memories--Looking Back Over Five Years

Sometimes I forget. Five years ago this month, we were parents of the groom, busy preparing for Michael and Becca’s upcoming summer wedding. Dresses were being bought, tuxedos fitted, showers enjoyed, revisions being made to the rehearsal dinner when the intended site went out of business without a word to us. Almost incidentally, at the... Read more »

On International Women's Day, Epson Says Men Can Go to Mars While Women Can Have Babies!

Sitting at my microscope all day, I listen to a lot of radio. Since the reception in my office is poor for the public radio station and since I don’t have a satellite receiver, most of that time is spent listening to good old fashioned terrestrial commercial radio. So I hear a lot of ads.... Read more »

Prostate Cancer: Peaking Behind the Pathologist Screen

In the past few days, two members of Chicago media, radio host  Dave Fogel and newscaster Hosea Sanders have shared that they are undergoing prostate surgery for prostate cancer. In both cases the cancers were discovered when abnormal Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA ) blood test results were followed by their doctors finding cancer on subsequent... Read more »