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Does Something Haunt our Suburban Home?

“The stairs creak as I sleep, It’s keeping me awake It’s the house telling you to close your eyes” Little Talks-Of Monsters and Men Crash!! Barb jolts up, awakened by the boom reverberating through the house, cutting through her dreams and leaving her disoriented and uneasy. A hard nudge to my ribs and I join... Read more »

High School Nerd Factor-Can it be Overcome?

A former classmate began a new Facebook group last week, dedicated to our high school graduating class, Chicago’s Roger C. Sullivan High School, Class of 1972. Since this coincided with unpacking the moving box that contained my final high school yearbook  I took the opportunity to find my pages, my pictures, my prophecies. I was... Read more »

Neil Diamond vs U2. Who Do You Love?

With the weather warming, Barb and I have been looking ahead to our personal spring concert series, Neil Diamond at the United Center followed by U2 under the stars at Soldier Field. It will be our fourth visit with U2 as they tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their massive hit album “The Joshua... Read more »

We Don't Have What it Takes to Work for the Trumps-Ten Reasons Why.

Yup, Barb and I are still basking in our new suburban Chicago home. No moving vans are lining up to whisk us off to the nation’s capital. The President seems to have rescinded my invitation to be his science advisor, and Ivanka has lost interest in using Barb to decorate the White House. I’ve wracked... Read more »

Playing "3 for Free" is Like Everything In Life-10 Tips for Being Prepared

When at last I am given my dues, And injustice deliciously squared. Be prepared! The Lion King-1994 Show me a trivia contest. Tell me about a tricky word puzzle.  Offer me a mental challenge. You will have my mostly undivided attention and a  ball point pen will magically appear at my fingertips–pencils are for losers.... Read more »

Richard Dufour-National Educator, My Third Mentor

I never chose my mentors, they just “were”. And then they are gone. I lost two of the men who helped shape my life within days of each other in 1993. My first real boss, Dr. Earl Suckow, passed away while undergoing aggressive therapy for recently diagnosed lung cancer. He was a smoker, a brawler,... Read more »

Whose House is it Anyway? It is all Good.

It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me. It isn’t a case of writer’s block or the nefarious (among bloggers) “fear to publish” syndrome. It certainly isn’t about a lack of things to write about. It’s more a case of trying to pack 30 lbs of stuff to do into a 20 lb bag of... Read more »