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Trump Has A Job For Me!

You may recall that I put my hat in the ring for several cabinet posts in the new administration. Much to my disappointment, President Elect Trump chose differently-qualified candidates for those positions. I was giving up on my dream of moving to DC and cashing a government paycheck when my phone vibrated, signaling a Twitter... Read more »

What's Different About This Picture? Changes a Year Have Brought.

The gracefully curved stairway is familiar. I know it is the one we took Michael’s prom pictures on, the one we¬† thought Laury might one day descend on her wedding day. I recognize the foyer light fixture whose bottom curl you can just see at the top center of the photo. I described it many,... Read more »

Can't Make Up Your Mind? It Will be Better in the Morning! A Look at Decision Fatigue.

I go to the front door of the lab to let the Fedex guy in with our 3:30 delivery. He appreciates a moment of warmth and I can use the stretch. My back has stiffened while I have been looking at a continuous stream of prostate biopsies for the past few hours. It has been... Read more »

President Trump, Can I Be In Your Cabinet Too?

  Dear President Trump: It is very cold in Chicago. I hear the weather is better in Washington DC. I also have some friends and relatives there, so I am investigating making a move. I don’t want to relocate without a decent paying job, so can you give me a Cabinet post? I don’t care... Read more »

Popped but not Profiled-A Lucky Day Police Experience

Sunny Saturday afternoon, driving with Barb, cruising along a wide open, well paved two lane road. Foot edging down on the gas peddle, watching out for traffic but not paying much attention to the speedometer. Taking a curve as tires squeal a bit, and Barb warns of a cop on the shoulder. Slow down while... Read more »

Can President Trump Follow These 10 Commandments?

Today marks four weeks since E-Day, the most startling election in my lifetime, surpassing even my surprise loss in a youth group election in 1970. The pollsters had that one wrong too. My loss had very little consequence, Mr. Trump’s victory has all the consequence in the world. I have not been reassured in these... Read more »

Bonding for Israel Bonds

Last night was a special evening, celebrating as an Honoree of the Israel Bonds Medical and Dental Division. The cold, snowy, evening was brightened by the friends, relatives, and other supporters of Israel who attended. My co-awardees, Dr. Donald Hoffman and Dr. Lee Shulman, both spoke movingly and eloquently of their involvement and advocacy of... Read more »

How Long Is Limbo? Building a House in the Post-Recession Era.

If you build it, he will come–Field of Dreams Yes friends, we are now in December. That means our house is currently in month 13 of construction. I suppose I can consider it a teenager, and we all know what that can be like. “Why is it taking so long?” you might legitimately ask. In... Read more »