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If You Have Had Surgery or a Biopsy You Have Had a Pathology Report. Did You Read and Understand It?

Ever have surgery? If you have, and if any part of you has been removed or biopsied and “sent to the lab,” or if you have even had a Pap smear, you are the proud owner of a pathology report. I have written a few times about being a pathologist, describing how bits and pieces... Read more »

Republicans and Democrats -- Could I Love Your Next Candidate?

The post election Democratic Party is a mess, its coalition in tatters now that the white male center has fled. The Republican Party is in no better shape, unable to take advantage of its unexpected win. The transition team has fumbled as badly as Jay Cutler on a strip sack; the blown hand-off from Chris... Read more »

Ten Things That Got Me Smiling Last Week. What Works for You?

Ice skating makes some people happy. How do I know? First I saw an overwhelmed sitcom mom having fun on an ice rink. Then I listened as an audiobook protagonist, grieving at his mother’s funeral, cheered up when he remembered skating on a frozen pond as a boy. Now my experiences at the long gone... Read more »

Forget Global Warming-We Have Global Weirding

The ice caps will melt, the oceans will rise. The storms will be violent, the droughts will be endless. Yes, I fear it is all coming. But what all the meteorologists and climate scientists and other doom-sayers have missed is all the bizarre things already taking place in the world. I don’t think it is... Read more »

A Middle of the Road Democrat's Letter to President-Elect Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump, Congratulations. Over 59 million people chose you to be this nation’s leader for the next four years. A virtually equal number cast their ballot for Secretary Clinton but it was your vision that spoke more loudly across the country, and the presidency is yours. That’s President of the United States. You will... Read more »

Labra-Cadabra: Getting The Right Laboratory Result to the Right Patient at the Right Time

It is a Monday morning ritual. Every week at about 10 a.m. a head pops into my office saying “We’re here.” The head belongs to one of our Human Resource professionals, leading a group of dazed people, mostly young, predominantly female. These are the new recruits, the medical assistants, the billers, the nurse professionals, that... Read more »