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Ding Dong The Dumpster's Gone!

“If I had a hammer… …I’d hammer in the morning.” Pete Seeger and Lee Hayes-1949 Like a convict in a lonely prison cell we etch lines into the wall to indicate the number of days we have lived in the dark apartment. 30, 40, 50. Unlike the convict we do not know how long our... Read more »

Yes, This Sox Fan Can Root for the Cubs

I have friends who will choke on that headline. They may stop talking to me, call me a traitor, tear up my holiday newsletter. But why should I miss the party? It’s true that I have been a Sox fan since the hazy days of my childhood. My first visit to a ball park was... Read more »

I Burn My Bridges About As Often As Cubs Go To The World Series

I am a laid back kind of guy. Oh, I will advocate for things I believe in like PSA testing, childhood vaccinations, Hillary Clinton, and a timely construction schedule, but my psyche prefers resolution to conflict. Had my career path taken me to the law rather than medicine, I am sure I would have been... Read more »

Hillary Clinton vs These Nasty Woman

Yes, Hillary accused Donald Trump of cheating on his taxes. And how did he respond? As everyone knows, he called her a “nasty woman.” For the sake of argument, let’s say her remark earned her a one star  (★) evil rating. How does she stack up against some other famous nasty women in history? Eve... Read more »

Bob Dylan Won a Prize, You Could Too!

Well you burst on the scene Already a legend The unwashed phenomenon The original vagabond Joan Baez-Diamonds and Rust   The Nobel Prizes don’t get much respect. Oh, I suppose research scientists think a lot of them, and major universities like to brag how many laureates they have on their faculty (this years score-Northwestern 1,University... Read more »

Cutting the Cheese: Five Things I Learned that Aren't About Trump

The news is saturated with Clinton, Trump and the election. Since I decided long ago that I was firmly in the Democratic camp, and since I can barely stomach the vitriol being unleashed, I decided to report on a few non-political things I have come across in the last few days:   Cheese to Please:... Read more »

No Debate About It-This Lord & Taylor Coupon Process Is Crazy

On Sunday, a stern talking woman gave some instruction to an obviously bewildered man. No, we are not talking about the Presidential Debate here. This particular exchange took place on Sunday afternoon, hours before the Clinton-Trump showdown, at a Lord & Taylor store in suburban Chicago. A little background while I set the scene. When... Read more »

Ben Stiller and PSA Fly, Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos Die

When my friends back in medical school were choosing their specialties, there were the glamour fields to make a mark in. Cardiac surgery was a winner, orthopedics appealed to both the big bruisers and the little Napoleons, and neurology had the imprimatur of being for the intellectuals. But pathology and laboratory medicine? That was for... Read more »