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Trivia with a Twist. That's Entertainment!

Why do we never get an answer. When we’re knocking at the door. Moody Blues–1970 Jeopardy, It’s Academic, Three for Free. Yes, questions and answers (or is it answers and questions?) are in my blood, and unlike most medicine, even cross my blood-brain barrier. So I was intrigued when my buddy Roger asked me if... Read more »

Held Hostage for Headphones, Swedish Style

Just like Apple, I think cords suck. Long before the Lords of Cupertino decided to remove the headphone jack from the newest iPhone,  I determined that the best way not to tangle with cords when I run was with Bluetooth headphones. Being a diligent market researcher I polled the Web for rankings of various wireless... Read more »

How to Survive an Interim Move

It’s just apartment house sense, It’s like apartment house rents, Remember one man’s ceiling Is another man’s floor. See that picture? That is our new house. One thing you may notice immediately is that it is not in “move-in” condition. It is coming along. The stucco, the last phase of the exterior, is in the... Read more »