How to Survive an Interim Move

New House 9-07-16It’s just apartment house sense,

It’s like apartment house rents,

Remember one man’s ceiling

Is another man’s floor.

See that picture? That is our new house. One thing you may notice immediately is that it is not in “move-in” condition. It is coming along. The stucco, the last phase of the exterior, is in the process of being applied. The interior has a fresh coat of primer on all the walls, and that goes a long way toward making the house look like our future home. Architectural details are being finalized for the staircases, the deck is being planned, floor boards have been delivered, and there is talk that the HVAC will be installed soon. So there is definite progress. But we closed on the old Long Grove home last week, so we faced moving day, and the beginning of our stay in our apartment-away-from-home.

It was a hard week, both physically (95% of our belongings packed for storage, 4% donated or junked, the rest transported by us to the apartment), and emotionally (deciding what you will need for the next three months, tearfully saying goodbye to your home of 26 years).

The interim apartment is a furnished two-bedroom “executive” apartment in a low rise building complex. It is a mixed bag.

  • The apartment is on the first floor, so it was an easy move in and easy to walk Max-BUT  not much privacy.
  • The apartment is furnished so we didn’t need to bring much other than our clothes-BUT we still brought too much “stuff” so had to store a lot of boxes at Michael’s house.
  • The apartment was freshly painted and power cleaned-BUT for the first week the paint fumes and cleaning solvent smells were migraine headache inducing.
  • The commutes to work for me and for one of Barb’s jobs are shorter-BUT it is a longer drive for Barb’s two day a week position.
  • We found some nice walking paths-BUT the overhead high tension power lines may mutate us as we walk.
  • Cable TV is provided, and I was able to hook up Netflix and Amazon-BUT the apartment is very dark and somewhat drab.
  • Kitchen space is limited-BUT Sunset Foods has plenty of prepared meals.

So, dear friends, what can you do to help us pass this time? Send us some good recommendations for binge TV watching, and meet us at Walker Brothers or Wildfire for dinner. Early and often!


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