Trump for Veep? Why Not?

selena donIn a New York Times opinion piece, Matt Latimer, a former speech writer for President Bushes I and II suggests that Mike Pence, Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee, should convince Donald Trump to resign his candidacy making Pence the new presidential candidate. Latimer gives all the usual reasons why we don’t want a Trump Presidency including a lack of “negotiation, diplomacy, discipline, finesse and some semblance of intellectual curiosity.” What the piece doesn’t do is tell Mr. Pence what to do with Trump after he steps down. As a dedicated viewer of the antics of Selena Meyer and Tom James on the HBO series Veep, I think the answer is obvious. Just as Tom and Selena more or less changed places on the ticket, why can’t Pence and Trump do the same?

Think of the opportunity! Pence, the conservative governor that the Republican establishment can get behind. Trump, the mad attack dog on the loose. No one takes a VP candidate seriously, the candidate can say whatever escapes his or her lips without critics warning about nuclear warfare and end of the world catastrophe. And unlike Sarah Palin, a previous wild card VP candidate, Trump has a national following.  His fan club should stick with him through a humiliating demotion, as long as Trump gives it the right spin.  He can declare that he is easily the greatest person ever to run for Vice President. I can see the polls soaring already.

Now just suppose this strategy works and we wind up with Pence/Trump taking office next January. Trump as Vice President is perfect to follow in the footsteps, and missteps,  of Selena Meyer. Snub foreign officials, make embarrassing proclamations, hire a staff of fools, nincompoops and losers. Who cares? He is only the Veep. In the words of Johnny Carson “Democracy means that anyone can grow up to be President, and anyone who doesn’t grow up can be Vice President.” Johnny was foreseeing my scenario without even getting into his Carnac the Magnificent garb.

What’s that you say? Trump would still be only one bullet, one Booth or Oswald, from the Presidency? We can solve that too. Before making the deal, Pence can  require Trump to provide a signed, notarized letter, securely held in a mayonnaise jar on John Robert’s porch, abdicating any claim to the Presidency. The Chief Justice can produce this immediately upon a Pence fatality and following the Order of Presidential Succession, swear in House Speaker Ryan as the next President. Sounds like a plan to me!

One last thing. If you watched the last episode of Veep you know that when Meyer/James pulled the President/Vice President flip flop, they lost anyway. Do you think I would  I be so sneaky as to suggest a losing strategy to the GOP?
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