It Is What It Is-OY!

seder plateThe Passover Seder is a time for the joyous retelling of the escape by the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt about 4000 years ago.  Unlike the lucky slaves who built the White House, the ancient slaves were not particularly well-fed, and freedom was a definite step up on the social ladder. The retelling can take hours, buffered by ritually prescribed four glasses of wine, a variety of sweet, bitter, and salty symbolic foods, and a visit from Eliyahu, the Man Who Wasn’t There. For our family the highlight of the evening is always a rollicking rendition of the song “Dayenu.” Each verse speaks of another, greater, service that God provided for the Jews on their exodus from bondage, while each chorus is a repetition of the single Hebrew word “Dayenu,” translated as “It would have been enough.”

Why bring up Passover, a holiday celebrated during the spring harvest, now? Because “Dayenu” came to mind while hearing, for the 40th time this week, my least favorite phrase-du-jour, “it is what it is.” The phrase goes back more than 65 years, but it is just in the last year or so that it seems to have spun out of control, replacing “whatever” as the sign of universal acceptance. I hate it! But I did think it would make a catchy chorus. So in the spirit of “Dayenu,” here we go:

  • Another stormy day in the 90’s-It is what it is
  • Because of the storm Southwest just cancelled 125 flights out of Midway-It is what it is
  • I missed my job interview in New York because of the cancelled flight-It is what it is
  • I’m out of a job because I missed the interview-It is what it is
  • I can’t get another job because everything is made overseas-It is what it is
  • Everything is made overseas because of those stupid trade treaties-It is what it is
  • We have those stupid trade treaties because Democrats are idiots-It is what it is
  • Because Democrats are idiots I’m voting for Trump-It is what it is??????????????

Please, Dear Lord, make it all stop. Make The Donald and that stupid phrase go away. Then it truly will have been enough-Dayenu!


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