How to Blog - 100 Memories, from American Airlines to Family Feud

We are closing in on 100 episodes of “Downsize, Maybe” since the blog began appearing in ChicagoNow. Over 32,000 reader hits (I know, some sites do that in 20 minutes.) The name of the blog refers to our construction project, but regular readers know that we have talked lots of things in addition to whether the windows should have muntins, or how high should the ceiling be in the loft. Some politics, some medicine (particularly laboratory based) and some attempts at humor or satire have found there way here. As the century mark approaches I thought I would look back at some of my favorite pieces as well as some of the most widely read ones.¬† Each is linked to the original posting. Feel free to read, reread, or just browse.

And there were many, many more. So thanks to all the readers, the commenters, the e-mailers, and the biggest thanks to Barb, for never once saying “Why did you write that???”

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