We Take a Shine to YInMN. It's the New Blue!

SMRYinMn BlueHave you seen her dressed in blue?
See the sky in front of you.
The Rolling Stones-1967

Once again, I have mislead my blog readers. I told you that white was the decorating color of the year. That may be what Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore want us to believe. But they missed the boat on this one. Did you know we have a brand new pigment, one that no one has ever seen before? Named YInMn Blue, it was created by chemists at Oregon State University a few years ago out of the elements Yttrium, Indium and Manganese. It is extremely vivid and lucky for us, is now on the verge of commercialization. That means you (or we) can be the first on the block with the first new color in a million years or so. According to various resources on the web, you can use the pigment in paint, you can use the pigment on roofs (environmentally friendly and reflects infrared light, keeping homes cooler), but you can’t use the pigment in hair dye. No YInMN punk rockers or YInMn-haired grandma’s, at least not yet.

I think a special new color deserves some special new uses. Here are a few.

  • A rebirth of interest in the Neil Diamond Song Catalogue with the new hits “Forever in YInMn” and “Song Sung YInMn.”
  • Capture a Pokémon Go character who is wearing a YInMn cloak and collect triple points.
  • You think “Avatar” was special? Just wait until you see Na’vi creatures in YInMn blue in “Avatar 2-The Sequel We Don’t Really Need.”
  • Support Prostate Cancer Awareness group SEABlue with a contribution for the September 11th 5K. Or contact me at les.raff@gmail.com to order a YInMn wristband ($5 each.)
  • An improved Boo Berry Cereal with YInMn colored flakes and a special prize.
  • Forget that Little Blue Pill–the Viagra Special Edition Little YInMn Pill will keep you going strong for hours.
  • No World Series Championships for Cubbie Blue in 108 years? Give ’em YInMn baseball caps, and go ahead and schedule the championship parade. Because YInMn doesn’t fade.
  • If caps works for the Cubs, imagine what full YInMn uniforms can do for the St. Louis Blues. Sorry Blackhawk fans-the St. Louis YInMns are here to stay.
  • Rename The House of Blues as The House of YInMn, and hear some of the music that made Chicago famous. And I am pleased to inform you that Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd have NO plans to film “The YInMn Brothers.” John Belushi can continue to rest in peace.
  • You love the Red, White, and Blue? How about the Red,White and  YInMn to truly make America great again!

Whether you are singing the blues or kicking them, just remember, with YInMn, it’s a whole new ballgame.


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