Pleasant Under Glass

holliesLook through any window yeah…

…what do you see?

The Hollies, 1966

We turned a home building corner yesterday, or more precisely, the carpenters built one. Actually, they have now built all the corners. The house framing is complete. Every nook and cranny, every niche and recess, is in place. The carpentry crew is moving on to their next job, with a promise to return after the rough plumbing and electrical are complete.

Most significantly, all the windows are installed. What a magnificent view of the pond we have from our kitchen. And standing at the (not yet installed) front door we can look through the foyer and the great room with its stunning window wall to the (eventual) green space behind the house. It all feels very serene — worth it at (almost) any price.

With spring, the first bloom of plumbing has sprouted. Some drain pipes have been installed in the upstairs loft space. Unfortunately, to my untrained eye, it appears that the piping for the bathroom sink drains points into the play room rather than into the bathroom.


Our backward PVC

An easy fix, I am sure, but it does give us the sense that we had better continue our daily trouble shooting visits to the building site. Of course those visits have a secondary purpose. We are getting to meet the people of our new neighborhood. With the pleasant evening weather, everyone is out walking their dog, stopping by to take a look and say hello. All have been very welcoming, though after one of those pooches got a little fidgety around me we were told the dog didn’t like “old” men. So much for considering myself the product of the perpetual fountain of youth. Maybe a dip in the pond will rejuvenate me?

So where are we now? The roofer has told us he is slightly behind schedule and won’t be getting to our house for awhile. The bad part of the roof delay? Every delay is frustrating, even though we know all the interior work can progress as scheduled. The good part of the roof delay? The slow down gives us more time to make a final choice on a shingle color. And, oh yeah, we are in the middle of choosing floor tiles and lighting fixtures. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Barb’s head is spinning like a dreidel.

Speaking of dreidel’s, Hannukah is very late this year, not starting untilĀ  Christmas Eve. I desperately hope we will be frying our latkes in our lovely new home by then, even if we have to bring in the Maccabee Carpentry Crew to get it done! Think we will make it?
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