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Ten Good Reason I Donated Blood--Which One Works For You?

Give Blood… …But don’t expect to ever see reward. Pete Townsend-1986 I dropped a pint Tuesday afternoon. 500 ml of rich red A Positive, ready to be tested, packaged, and split off into a variety of components–red blood cells, plasma, platelets. I will barely notice it is gone, but a few strangers will benefit. To... Read more »

How to Become a Baa-Baa: A Grandpa's Tale

What’s in a name? I blogged a while ago that I have never had a nickname. It is as glaring deficit in my personal history as not having a tattoo would be for today’s millennials. Somehow, I have learned to live as “Les”.  And my full name,”Lester”, has taken on a bit of a cache... Read more »

How Your Doctor Will Get Paid--Should You Care?

Meeska Mooska Mouseketeer… …Mouse Cartoon Time Now is Here. The Original Mickey Mouse Club Yes, I had a crush on Annette. What baby boomer guy didn’t? That Meeska-Mooska chant was burned into my brain at an early age. And singing our adaptation of the Mickey Mouse Closing Theme (now it’s time, to say good night)... Read more »

Virtual Prizes for Virtual Contests-White Sox, WXRT and Donald Trump

Feelin’ Groovy! 59th St. Bridge Song Simon and Garfunkle-1966 Remember Sarah Palin’s “Bridge to Nowhere”? It was a convoluted tale that garnered a lot of attention when the Alaska Governor was selected as John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 Presidential election. Since than Madame Palin has had the career to nowhere, but that is... Read more »

Inspired by Budweiser, I Rechristen our New House

By now, everyone with a TV or Internet connection has heard about Budweiser’s new summer marketing plan. Instead of being labelled Budweiser, cans and bottles of brew will have the familiar Bud script replaced with “America”. The labels will also be festooned with patriotic slogans.  “E Pluribus Unum” on the package instead of “Profits Sent to the European Multi-National... Read more »

Walgreens and Mental Health--Better Luck This Time?

Chicago locals take pride in Walgreens, the big ole pharmacy chain that got started way back in 1901. There actually was a Mr. Walgreen back then, and the chain slowly expanded through the Chicago area. Walgreens’ international headquarters are still close by–I drive past them in Deerfield just about every day. But Walgreens is a... Read more »

Standard Operating Procedures.

If the rule your followed brought you to this… …what use was the rule? No Country for Old Men — 2007 Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are the life blood of the laboratory. They tell us what we are doing and how to do it. The best ones even tell us why we are doing it.... Read more »

George Lucas-I've Got Your Museum Right Here!

If you build it… …he will come. Field of Dreams-1989 April showers have hopefully faded away. The Cubs and Sox are both in first place. Cinco De Mayo is here. And we are making progress on the house! With carpenters working overtime (but not violating the neighborhood construction restrictions!) the framing and roof construction are... Read more »

Live Long and Prosper!

I’m gonna live forever… …I’m gonna learn how to fly Fame-1980 Barb and I have been lying. To ourselves and to each other. To friends and family too. Ever since we turned the big “LX” along with some of our buddies, we have been telling the world that 60 is the new 40. It turns... Read more »