George Lucas-I've Got Your Museum Right Here!

constructionIf you build it…

…he will come.

Field of Dreams-1989

April showers have hopefully faded away. The Cubs and Sox are both in first place. Cinco De Mayo is here. And we are making progress on the house! With carpenters working overtime (but not violating the neighborhood construction restrictions!) the framing and roof construction are near completion. Barb took a climb on a rickety ladder yesterday and tells me the view from the second floor is magnificent. Of course, when all the wallboard is up some of those sight lines will disappear, but we will always be able to look out at our tranquil pond and its occupant swans, Harvey and Sheila  (Alan Sherman, anyone?) We have also finalized selection of the exterior stone; a little of this color, a little of that color, then a little more of both. Preliminary sketches for cabinet designs are done. Barb has raised her sights and begun assaying light fixtures.

All this leads me to believe we WILL eventually be moving into our new home. And I have a convenient solution to the problem that has been plaguing Chicago and George Lucas. Where the heck to put that museum? The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has been ejected from San Francisco, evicted from its first potential Chicago site, and now the McCormick Place locale is also being challenged. Mellody Hobson, George’s wife, has pronounced they may look elsewhere, prompting Waukegan to get in on the action.

Waukegan? That’s half way to Wisconsin. And don’t they have something nuclear up that way? A Jack Benny Museum I could understand, but Lucas? I have a much better suggestion. When we move out of our Long Grove home, the Lucas Museum can move in! It’s a revolutionary suggestion, but the pros outweigh the cons.


  • Long Grove is used to crowds-the Apple and Chocolate Fests really pack ’em in. And this could be a bigger deal than Strawberry Fest.
  • The kitchen is perfectly designed for dishing out American Graffiti Burgers. Just be kind to the marble countertops.
  • Now that we sold the exercise equipment from the bonus room ((Thanks Wallapop!) there is plenty of room up there for a Millennium Falcon exhibit.
  • Six bathrooms and no North Carolina type laws restricting their use.
  • Pretty good cell phone reception, as long as you stick to Verizon.
  • Long Grove isn’t that far from Harrison Fords hometown of Park Ridge.
  • Empty lot behind the house is perfect for parking.


  • The Home Owner’s Association Renovation Committee might be picky about exterior signage. No wait, Barb is ON that committee. No problem as Lucas gets it approved before we move.
  • Long Grove is not known for its public transportation. However, I am sure we can work out a deal with all the landscapers to use their trucks to move folks in and out.
  • We think Adam Driver is better on “Girls” than he was in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” But maybe he will bring Allison Williams to the Grand Opening, so all is good.

All in all, its a win-win. Mr. Lucas, let’s do this!

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