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obamaAffordable Care Act or Obamacare, no matter which one you call it, it has probably had some effect on you or your family. As a “bleeding heart liberal,” I applaud the expansion of some sort of insurance coverage to millions of Americans. As a physician, employer and provider of health care insurance for the two of us, I have my reservations about the cost-benefit ratio. I have been hit by higher premiums, higher deductibles,¬† changing provider networks and complex pharmacy rules. I understand that even without the ACA, health insurance premiums would rise pretty steadily every year, but some of the other perturbations in the health care system seem to be a direct result of the Act. And don’t ask Barb about the phone calls she gets from our insurance carrier offering to make her primary care appointments for her, probably as a result of the carrier trying to meet some new quality regulation. As she points out to the caller regularly, she is quite able to make an appointment, and money spent on calling her is money wasted.

When I look for data about the effectiveness of the Act, I can find statistics about the number of new insurance enrollees and Medicaid enrollees, but nothing much telling me if the health of the nation has improved and if people are satisfied with their coverage. So I am taking an informal poll. Its just a few questions, and won’t be scientifically significant, but if you have a few moments, click on the link below. If we have enough results, I will publish them at a later time. To that end, please feel free to pass this post around!

Click here to take the poll.
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