Never Let a Doctor Plan Your Lunch!

alices restaurantYou can get anything you want…

…at Alice’s Restaurant

Arlo Guthrie-1967

It seemed like an easy enough chore, planning for a laboratory meeting next week. We have a few things to discuss, including an upcoming accreditation inspection. Lunch time meetings tend to be the most convenient and are the norm, with the company usually ordering in the lunch. But I didn’t want the lunch room table cluttered with the large pizza boxes or or worse yet chaffing dishes, that would get in the way of the materials I was planning to distribute. Pre-ordered individual sandwiches seemed to be a good alternative. Along with a bag of chips, the sandwiches would be easy to pass out to each lab employee and still leave the table fairly free of clutter.

I had been hearing a lot of Jimmy John’s radio commercials recently, and I figured that any place that advertised Freaky Fast sandwiches should be a snap to set up and order from. I Googled their website and flipped over to it. What I wanted was a fax order form, something I could print out, stick on the lunch room table a few days in advance, and collect everyone’s order. Easy squeezy. Until I explored the web site. Couldn’t find the fax form that I had in mind. But there was a tab for “group ordering.” That’s what we were, right? A big group of hungry laboratorians.

First step, choose pick up or delivery. Fast delivery is what these guys are supposed to be known for, and besides, no one here has time to run out and do a pick up, so that was an easy choice. Entering our lab address for the delivery was a bit more frustrating. Enter the address, click next. Oops, getting an error message saying the nearest store is closed. Well, of course it is closed, it is 8:00 a.m. I didn’t want to talk to the store, just set up an online order on the system.

Finally, after 20 minutes of link pushing, I was able to have the lab address accepted and find the online order form. Let’s see how this works. Enter the date and time we want the delivery. Enter all my lab people’s email addresses so the site can send them an email with a link to our group order. I can include a little explanatory message. The employees can then follow the link and place an order. I can even limit the amount they can spend–we have some big eaters. I laboriously enter all the email address (can’t use the “quick option” because not all the emails are going to the same domain) and press “Send”.  Error message pops up “You Must Choose Your Recipients.” OK, I put check marks in the boxes in front of everyone’s name and press “Send” again. Same error pop-up. Reclick same boxes and press “Send” for the third time. Success! Jubilation! Until I get three beeps from my Inbox. I check and see I have now received not one, not two, but three emails from Jimmy John’s inviting me to place my order. And oh yeah, the emails give me a 15 minute deadline for placing the order. Nice! Just right for confusing and/or panicking the employees.

Called the local Jimmy John’s–by now enough time had passed that they were open. Explained the situation, and got the expected “We don’t have anything to do with the website and don’t have any way for you to contact them.” But they were informed enough to let me know that unless everyone who had gotten an email responded, the order wouldn’t get placed. Great! One non-compliant employee and everyone starves, or at least misses lunch.

At this point I did two things right. First, I found the “Cancel Order” tab. Fortunately, that one worked. Second, I asked our lab office manager for some advice. She suggested Chipotle. They have a nice, easy to use, fax order form. And besides, we have a bacteriology lab. Worry about Salmonella? Not in our house!

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